Friday, December 2, 2016

Sister Solution - Owen, Fi, Vincent, Addison, L, Mrs. Baldwin

****Cross posted from Theta Sigma Stories****

Owen Reinhardt heard the timer go off for the roasted vegetable mixtures the students had ob broil in the ovens. He had been doing very well so far, following instructions today after over spicing his banana loaf last week so it was almost inedible. They key now was in maintaining his cool when it was time to puree these veggies and seasoned the soup they would be making. No experiments. He waited his turn in taking his little shallow pan from the oven and grabbed an oven mitt.

Their teacher, Mrs. Baldwin, passed by as she did her rounds and supervised each group “Owen you need both hands protected. Use two mitts please dear.”

Owen nodded at her “Yes Ma’am.” But all the other mitts were in use. He’d just be careful. Of course he could wait for another student to be done with theirs and pass him another one but he wanted to get the stuff and move onto the next step at a work station. He reached for the pan and stepped on his shoelace, tripping himself a bit so that his pan started to fall as it slid out. Without thinking he reached out with his bare hand to try and catch it with both hands and yelped as the hot metal made contact with the flesh on his thumb and pointer finger. The pan fell to the floor as he jumped back in pain, holding the burned hand with the oven mitt protectively.

Mrs. Baldwin was back in a flash and started steering Owen to the sink “Cold water, deep breaths. Let’s take a look now….”

Owen looked at her stubbornly and held onto the hand. The searing sensation was horrible and maddening though and he really just wanted to scream.

Mrs. Baldwin was stern but her eyes were kind “Owen….come on now. The cold water will offer relief.”

Reluctantly he stretched out his arm, the hand already beginning to bubble on the side of the thumb. He winced as he put it under the tap but the cold water did help.

Mrs. Baldwin frowned at it “I do have some first aid for burns of course but that’s a pretty bad one. I think you should go to the school nurse. She can administer painkillers.”

Owen looked panicked at the suggestion. Strange doctors and nurses terrified him. His real fear, his deathly fear, was needles. It always had been. His parents had to hold him down as a child for vaccinations and as he had gotten a bit older, he didn’t need restraining but often just fainted. He was in a strange school far from home now and the last thing he wanted was to faint in the nurse’s office. Mrs. Baldwin’s voice washed over him like the adults in the Charlie Brown movies. He was aware that she was still speaking, handing him an ice pack and directing him to this dreaded room that would surely be filled with needles wall to wall and floor to ceiling. He nodded at her as if he understood and meant to comply, taking his hand off holding the ice pack momentarily to sling his backpack over one shoulder and exit the Foods Lab.

Owen wandered the hallways for a few minutes thinking on what to do. Thinking was hard because he was really in absolute agony. He passed the metal shops door and heard clanging and folding. He passed the wood shops door and heard a band saw followed by a familiar laugh. Fiona. Fiona! She could help him! He looked in the little window on the door. She was at a desk close to it. He could see the back of her head. She flipped her long black hair and said something morose to her boyfriend Vincent. Owen knew that tone in her voice very well. Vincent smiled at her in amusement but he was facing the door. Owen began to wave madly at him and point to his sister.

Vincent DiAntoni found he was doing pretty well in woodworking, even though he could so easily hurt his hands. Besides, Addison and Fiona were also taking the class, so ... stick with your friends ... when you had them ... and they were real. Now it was almost over and he could joke more freely. He was more relaxed this week, even with the surprise move.

Fiona made a joke and he laughed and looked up to see Owen in the doorway, looking ... frightened? Hurt. He reaches out calmly to touch Fiona's shoulder. Once she gets her attention, he begins to walk towards the door towards Owen, knowing Fiona will follow. And possibly Addison as well.

Addison O'Brian also looked over and followed. She was, after all, Fiona's best friend and had known Owen since he was a baby.

Fiona was looking back down at her collection of wood slats after kidding around, lining them up and assessing when Vincent touched her shoulder and then walked toward the door. She saw Owen's face through the window wincing. She knew that face. He was hurt! No matter how much she seemed to revel in torturing her younger brothers, if either of them got hurt she automatically became the kind loving big sister that had taken them by the hand to their mom when they had scraped knees from pavement as little kids. She looked back and saw Addy following too and nodded at her as the three snuck out the door.

Owen was holding the ice pack to his hand still and mumbled "Thanks." to Vincent as he, Fiona and Addison came to him. Carefully and with a little whimper, he pulled back the ice pack to reveal the burn. It was looking pretty bubbly and gross and it throbbed "It's my fault....but I don't wanna go to the nurse."

Fiona grimaced at the burn "Oh shit Owen. I think you need one....I can go with you."

Owen put the ice back on and sighed with a tiny bit of relief and then said resolutely "No. I wanna go home."

Fiona sighed and then nodded "OK...but if that looks infected, I'm taking you to Dr. McKinney later, no arguments." She looks at the clock on the wall and frowns "I guess I'm sneaking out a little early...but I have Tylenol in my bag. I'll go get it."

L has her head down as she works on her project. She looks up at the commotion now dark hair in her way. She readjust the clip in her hair to get a better look. Spotting what looks like is Owen. She furrows her brow in concern at the boys' plight. She is hesitant and ops to look on with concern with her new friend's brother's trouble 

Vincent quickly decides his role is to help buck Owen up a bit. They are the same physical age, but Vincent is older and Owen is younger ... each for different reasons. He looks at the burn and winces. "Yea, you better have that looked at. I don't think it's a 1st degree, but ...." he shrugs. "It happens when you're cooking, sometimes." he doesn't get into how he can tell burn degrees at his age. "But Owen ... you'll get cremes and a bandage." he offers. "VERY cool, dude." he glances over his shoulder. "We'd better get going if we're going to catch the ferry."

Addison whimpers ... she has had enough sickness for a while ... and enough of Dr McKinney ... who she loves but after her father, if she never stepped foot in the clinic again ... it would be too soon. "I'll cover for you, Fi." she offers. "And go back with L." she smiles at Owen. "I'll bring some cupcakes to your bedside. I promise."

Fiona gives Addison a quick hug and makes a request "Can you...uh ask the teacher for some extra instructions?" She winks knowingly "While we sneak our schoolbags out of there? I'll get yours Vincent, and your person sneaking is easier than two. Stay with Owen for a sec?"

Owen watches Fiona moving to creep back in for her and Vincent's things with Addy. Did she say cupcakes to his bedside? He looked after her dreamily as she retreats and then sees L through the door as it opens and blinks like his brain is imploding. Girls were still so confusing to him. Girls, sort of girls, sometimes girls? He couldn't muddle through that in his head with all this pain right now. Vincent had said something about creams and bandages and he eyed him warily and said defensively "And needles. I fuckin hate needles."

Fiona returned quickly and looked for the closest exit before they were spotted " the right. Walk casual like we have a spare."

Addison nods and heads for the teacher, asking questions and demanding a desperately detailed explanation and, if needed, asking for more. For a redhead, she could play the dumb blonde role to a T.

Vincent chuckles and looks at Fiona with a nod about his bag and coat, then looks back to Owen. "No needles with burns, man. Not unless its REALLY REALLY bad like half your body bad." he smiles. "Just think of something else. And forget about the pain."

Owen tries to think of other things as they walk to the ferry and get on. He replays a boss fight with the Joker in his head from the Lego Batman game but that doesn't take the edge off. He imagines taking the hill to the bottoms on his skateboard like he's been wanting to try but that just makes him anxious and in pain. Owen daydreams of pizza. Mmmm pizza.....gooey cheese and pepperoni. Ow, still there, dammit. He's running through every good thing he can think of in his head Rocky Road ice cream, surfing, running barefoot through the mud in the rain, girls. Girls? Addison brushing out her hair on his sister's bed at a sleepover, the family of many blonde giggly German sisters at the beach last spring, chasing him and splashing him, L smiling at him in Sigh even though Fiona was calling him burrito brain. She still smiled. She? Except she was he then....did the smile still count? It was still a smile. His brain hurt. His hand throbbed. Sebastian! Maybe Sebastian was alive and living a great life under someone's porch, free, happy and hairy like he was. He blew out a big breath. There was a lot of something else to think of and the pain was still not forgotten.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Home Safe - Darcy and Vincent

Darcy hears shouting from the apartment below after the sound of the door shutting. She frowns and picks up her phone just texting Vincent a quick address of the building where she'd just paid a damage deposit and the first month's rent. She's not sure if he'll be able to reply but she adds the word "Keys anytime." She's already more than half packed and had set up an army cot and sleeping bag in each bedroom just in case there was a need.

Vincent took in a deep breath and then exhaled when his father called Fiona a bitch. Life would fail if he could not hold his temper, but his father made it hard as hell. "Dinner will be ready in about five minutes." his voice remained calm, and he began putting the ravioli's in the boiling water as his father scoffed, went into his bedroom and slammed the door.

When dinner was done, Vincent set out the bowls and could feel the vibration in his pocket just as his father re-emerged. He sat and Vincent served him. Moving into the living room, he sat on his bed ... also known as the couch ... and looked at his phone. He blinks at the address ... and the message. Looking towards the living room, he can hear his father eating, greedily and probably drinking. On a usual night, his Dad would be in his room all night anyway. Mind racing, Vincent almost relied on his father being a creature of habit. He formed his reply.

"I can be there ... the new place ... @ 8 ... is that alright?"

Sending it, he is already about to go in the kitchen when his father bellows. "Bring a beer to my room, boy." and watches his father move from kitchen to his bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

Vincent gets the beer ... with a single antihistamine. Just to help his father get a good nights sleep ... naturally.

Darcy hears doors slamming below and keeps packing up. She goes to check her phone on the table and sees the reply. Darcy packs up a few groceries and toiletries in an extra bag and then starts hauling stuff downstairs. She had borrowed a car for a few days and a moving truck was booked for the morning. It would be an easy move as she hadn't lived there long. She had ordered some bedroom furniture for the second bedroom, Vincent's room if it all worked out, that should also be delivered sometime tomorrow. After 3 trips up and down the car was packed and she left for the new place, making the same haul in the opposite direction there. By 8pm she was sitting on one of two lawn chairs she had set up in the living room watching Netflix on her laptop with a cup of tea.

Vincent gets his military duffel bag and begins to pack it, not hiding anything. He puts in all of his clothes, of which he has few to begin with. Then he adds Sonja and Vincent the nifflers, his shoes, his school books and book bag. He considers taking things from the kitchen and decides .. no ... it was time for a new start. The bag isn't even remotely stuffed, but it is full and a little heavy. Setting it by the door, he watches television for a while. Around 7:45 he turns the TV off and walks to his father's bedroom door. It is silent on the other side. He takes a deep breath, hikes up the bag and leaves the apartment, setting his keys to it on top of the dish that holds his father's condoms. With the heavy bag, it takes him a while to get to the Greybar building and take the elevator up. He stops at the door, his heart filled with joy and fear ... and knocks.

Darcy pauses her show and goes to the door. She opens it with a welcoming smile on her face "Welcome home."
She greets with "It's not much yet but it'll get better by tomorrow, I promise."

Vincent drags his bag in and stares with wide eyes. Her words sort of wash over him. "Home ....." he murmurs, closes his eyes, sighs deeply. "Home..."

Darcy beams watching him soak in the idea and then says "Here, let me chuck this in your room for you kid." She scoops up his bag and starts walking into a room with a cot and a sleeping bag. In one corner sits the harp and the lyre "I hope it's cool that I moved these. My friend Sam helped and we were super careful."

Vincent walks slowly behind to the far bedroom and sees Igor waiting for him. he leans over the cot and sleeping bag. "Wow...." he whispers. "I ... this is great! Can you thank Sam for me, please?" he moves to the window. "Wow, I can see all the way to the ferry."

Darcy walks up beside him and looks out "Yep. It's pretty cool. There will be a bed tomorrow so you don't have to sleep on this cot all week. Did you have supper already?"

Vincent shakes his head absently. "No, I fed dad and then was too nervous to eat. Do you want me to cook something?" and then the first part of the sentence hits him. "You got me a bed?" he blinks. "Used ... right?" he sounds incredulous.

Darcy pats him on the back "You don't need to cook me anything. Come on let's go back into the other room. I'll make some toast and scramble you a few eggs. I bought some groceries. And it's a new've been sleeping on a couch. You could use a nice one now."

Vincent blinks and nods. "Alright ..... I ...." he takes a deep breath. "Merry Christmas, Vincent." he lets out a long breath. "Thanks, Aunt Darcy. For everything."

Darcy looks back at him and smiles. Her eyes are sad though. It was high time someone was there for this kid. She walks to the kitchen and washes her hands at the sink. She takes two pieces of bread an pops them in the toaster and then pulls her frying pan out of a box and scoops a little nub of butter into the pan letting it slowly heat. She goes to the fridge and gets a carton of eggs and cracks two into a bowl and beats them quickly with a fork. They begin to solidify in the pan as she butters the now popped toast. Fishing a spatula out of the same box she flips the eggs around, making perfect fluffy buttery scrambled eggs. She had brought just a few plates and bowls and uses a plate now and serves it all up and then head juts to the lawn chairs "No table yet...but you can sit." She offers him the plate "Shit....I have no ketchup...I knew I missed something. Do you take ketchup kid?"

Vincent followed her out to the kitchen and watched her with wide eyes both anxious and entertained. He moves to the lawn chairs and and looks at the eggs. "No, ma'am." he looks at her. Then back at the eggs, which he cuts with a fork and tastes. "Not bad!" he pronounces.

Darcy chuckles "Glad you like them. My sister got me making them with butter now. She's calls them Jamie Oliver eggs. He's that British chef guy. She's got a bit of a crush but I will say they are good eggs."

Vincent chuckles. "I always make them with butter." he admits. "Probably not the healthiest idea, but ..." he looks around the place, noticing how his voice echos. "This is like a whole new start." he sounds awed. He clears his throat and makes a sandwich of his scrambled eggs and toast.

Darcy nods "The new apartment echo. So are you...I mean you brought all your stuff right? You're sleeping here tonight right? Do you need an alarm clock? I'm off tomorrow because of the moving truck but you can use mine to get up for school."

Vincent smiles and nods. "Yea .. that's everything I know besides Igor and my lyre. I can use my phone as an alarm. Always did before." he hesitates. "Do I ... do I have to go back?" her asking if he was spending the night smacked too much of not being permanent.

Darcy shakes her head vigorously "No....I just wasn't sure if you were. I didn't want to pressure you to commit to this tonight as your home if you weren't ready. Vincent, you never have to go back."

Vincent huffs with a mouthful of eggs and toast. He swallows quickly. "Tonight was perfect." he sighs. "I almost lost my temper with my father tonight. A friend of mine came over to give me my books." he shudders, suddenly remembering why he'd abandoned them. "Then Dad came home, L left and he basically called me a faggot and asked me where the Reinhardt bitch was." he turns a little red in the face, just remembering it.

Darcy glowers "THAT was the shouting I heard before I texted you? Gino's lucky I couldn't make out the words!" She exhales shortly into a word "Man..."

Vincent snorts. "That was it." he confirms. "I almost hit him .... then I almost threw boiling water on him -- I was making raviolis. But I got it under control. The last time I fought my dad didn't turn out so good."

Darcy sighs "Never again. Although picking a fight while making ravioli sounds like a mafia movie."

Vincent laughs and covers his mouth, which is full of food. Swallowing he looks at her. "I'm Italian." he uses a perfectly stereotypical movie Mafia voice. "See?"

Darcy laughs "Leonardo DiCaprio....get outta town. Gangs of Alexandra begins."

Vincent cracks up. "My one man gang. Fiona is half Irish ... well more I think. And I'm maybe an eighth ... we could fight our own gang war." he smirks.

Darcy exhales "I guess I'm just the crooked cop on the take then. Don't tell anyone." She jokes."And don't tell anyone I got the wrong gangster film reference. I forgot they were Irish." She cracks up at herself now.

Vincent chuckles. "Nah, you like our local Elliot Ness." he proclaims. "And it's OK ... she's so tough, she may as well be Italian." then he shrugs. "Your secret is safe with me ... I love gangster films. I know I know .. male."

Darcy nods "I like anything set in that era. I mean I probably would have hated to live in it for many reasons but it looks great on film. Speaking of which, how was Fantastic Beasts?"

Vincent winces. "Like being a gay woman? All you're missing is being black." he inhales sharply. "OH. MY. GOD!" he responds with great enthusiasm. "I can't tell you. But it was great!" he tells her about his ... well ... double date and the adventure of his first movie date with Fiona.

Darcy concedes to what he said about the 1930s and then listens to his story about the movie complications "I'm glad you could go back on Sunday. That would be so frustrating though. I hate the not knowing stuff. Truth be told, I sometimes read the spoilers even."

Vincent tucks the last of the sandwich into his mouth, chews and swallows. "And it was another date." he grins and then gapes a little. "SO do I! I also read them if I can't make the movie ... or there so many I can't decide which one I need to see with my eyes and which can just wait till the video comes out. I have a lot of movies on Google Plus ... sometimes they come out with a free one or a really cheap one or sometimes even a sale."

Darcy looks at him suspiciously "How do you do that without a credit card kid? No offense. Paypal connected to a bank account? And we can both use my Netflix and Crave. I'll set it up through the TV when it gets here."

Vincent blinks at her. "I HAVE a bank card. Attached to the account my mom set up for me before she died. She set it up for me and so far its worked perfectly." he looks pensive and a little anxious. "If you let me help pay for it." he is thinking more like a roommate ... some of his emotional scars show through.

Darcy laughs "Vincent, you don't have to pay. If you want to live with me until you're 30, we can talk about that when you're an adult. Your job is to go to school at this age. Let me worry about the home stuff OK? Keep your money for your dates and going out and having fun with friends."

Vincent looks at her, mildly panicked. "But ... that's ... so much ... free time!" he isn't even realizing who he sounds like ... not yet.

Darcy can't help but chuckle "Yep. Enjoy it. Because someday you will grow up and then there's way less of it. Not looking for a house elf here kid. Do I need to get some socks?"

Vincent starts nodding but when Darcy mentions house elves, he blushes. "Oh my god, I'm Dobby!" he realizes. "Well ... how about I cook five out of seven days a week, do my own laundry, clean my own room and help with kitchen and living room cleaning." damnit, if Dobby could negotiate with Dumbledore, he could with Darcy!

Darcy ponders this "Alright...but when YOU cook, I wash up. Also, you'll have to negotiate with my father and all his Metaway madness when he comes here. I think you might be the grandchild of his dreams, someone to clean with. Just don't get talked into selling pyramid scheme."

Vincent's eyebrows lift. "I didn't think it would be that easy." he admits. "Then ... FOUR nights cooking and the three nights you cook, I clean up after?" he laughs. "I can sure try ..... I hope I clean well enough for him."

Darcy points at him "Sold! Don't take it personally if he finds spots you missed. He's a bit of a fanatic. I barely even try to clean when they're coming here because he'll redo it all anyway." She laughs.

Vincent looks mock offended. "I do not miss spots, ma'am." he says in a dignified tone, then blinks and pulls out his phone. "Jesus, I didn't tell Fiona!" he sends her a quick message saying "Moved in with Aunt Darcy tonight" with a heart emoji. then he looks at Darcy. "By the way ... Dad doesn't know I'm gone yet. I doubt he'll care ... I guess it's an experiment on my part. Stupid. I know."

Fiona sends a text back almost immediately that just says "YES!!!!!!" with another heart emoji after it.

Darcy looks sadly at Vincent "I'm sorry Vincent. I don't know what to say about him."

Vincent shrugs. "Not much TO say. My guess is you won't be seeing him at the station filing a missing persons report." he sighs. "He never wanted me ... and now I'm gone. New beginnings." he pauses. "Can I hug you?" he realizes the moemnt the question is out of him mouth its a little silly.

Darcy looks touched by his question and answers with a smile "Of course you can hug me. Anytime kid."

Vincent sets his plate down and hugs her. "This is seriously the best Christmas present EVER, Aunt Darcy." he proclaims. He backs off. "Can I have Fiona over? And her parents, at some point." he shrugs. "I know her Dad is worried about mine ... so yea .. she can never go there ... but now I won't be either so ... problem solved."

Darcy gives Vincent a great big hug back and then lets go when he does. "Anyone important to you is welcome here Vincent. It's your home. Do you want me at the dinner with her folks? Is this some kind of formal thing? An yes, problem solved.....I should maybe have some guidelines. Whatever you do in your room is none of my business. I will completely respect your privacy. But no girls sleeping over until you're 18. I don't want to navigate that phone call from Fiona's parents."

Vincent nods. "Of course I do." he tells her. "You're family. But no .. not formal. I was thinking .. lasagna. But different, since Fi's father is watching his cholesterol." he considers and listens to the guidelines, turning red again. "Um.. deal ... no sleeping over. And ... NO! No phone calls .. I .. I mean she .. I mean we ... no .. not .. no not yet ...." he collects his plate and fork. "You cooked, so I clean." and he bustles off tot he kitchen, not that it hides his blush.

Darcy sounds happy about the food "Mmm lasagna. I accept." She sees his embarrassment and tries to be comforting "I don't mean now....but you'll be a teenager for awhile yet. Relax, I'm not suggesting that. and thanks for the dishes, soap's under the sink in the cabinet kid."

Vincent doesn't use much soap or water for the dish, but dries them and puts them away. "I know. I'm just ... this is going to take a LITTLE getting used to." he admits.

Darcy admits "For me too but I'm happy about it. We'll make it work."

Vincent nods and pulls out his phone to check Fi's message. He texts back "I HAVE MY OWN ROOM ... and can have friends over ... " and sends it. Then he begins to wipe down the already pristine counters. "Did you just get a mattress and box spring like?" he asks, wondering if it was a headboard and footboard and all or if it was just the basics.

Fiona texts back "Awesomesauce!"

Darcy answers casually "Well they are included with the rest. I got a black frame. I hope that's OK. Just plain."

Vincent nods. "That's great. I might not use the frame .. keep the bed on the floor, if that's alright?" he rubs his chin. "I can get a cheap armoire if I hit the thrift stores I bet. Maybe even a desk for studying." he nods his head, basically trying to plan what he wants to do with his room.

Darcy smiles sheepishly "I might have bought a set with a dresser and a desk and a bedside table. It was a deal online with a deadline. It's all the same plain black veneer. If you hate it we can trade it for something else later but I figured you'd need places for your stuff and a desk to study at. We can put the bed frame and headboard in the closet and you can use it later or never. Do you have a laptop or anything to do school work on? We can share mine for awhile if you don't. I don't have a printer though. I'm assuming you can take stuff on a thumb drive to school for printing out assignments?"

Vincent looks at her and chuckles. "Oh ... well ... in THAT case." he laughs. "I'm sure I'll love it. I had three drawers at the other place." already his old home is fading. "My laptop is in my bag with everything else and I usually put it on a thumb drive at school." he folds his arms. "What ELSE did you buy?" he wonders.

Darcy shrugs "Some bedding and towels and a few pillows. The rest we'll work out as we go along. This is your home Vincent. I don't want you to feel like a guest here. I want you to feel at home."

Vincent takes another deep breath and clears his throat. "I do .... already." he tells her, the honesty coming through in his voice. "But I want to do SOMETHING besides just ... be .. free." he lifts up his hands. "I have to do something for you .... I mean.... I can't furnish the place ... and ..." he sighs and rubs his chin. "All I can think of you might let me pay for is the tree." he laughs, almost helplessly. He clears his throat again. "I don't want to become a financial burden."

Darcy shakes her head "I wouldn't take this on if I couldn't actually do it Vincent. I would have helped find you another place be happy and safe and grow up with people who care about you. I know your situation has skewed your perspective but think of it this way. Are you planning on having kids one day? Are you going to make them buy their own beds if you do? I know where you've come from doesn't make sense...but this is actually what does. Do Fiona's parents make her buy her own furniture? Charge her for groceries? Make her chip in for the water bill? I gotta tell you, mine didn't. I know this is weird for you."

Vincent listens and blows out a breath. It makes sense. Of course he wouldn't charge his children room and board. And really thinking about it made him realize how his life really was. "Alright .... " he sighs deeply. "I don't do ... nothing ... very well. I'm WAY out of practice. SO ... be patient with me, and I promise not to sneak out here at three in the morning and do the one glass you used for a drink of water." he teases. Then he sobers a little. "I'm going to make you proud of me, Aunt Darc. Good grades and studying hard and .. everything." he scoffs. "Pay you back that way, okay?"

Darcy grins "I'm a fan of good grades. I was a great student. But be happy too, it's not all about the top marks. If you ever need help with school work though, I'm here for you."

Vincent smiles. "I do pretty good. Well ... I have trouble in Music Appreciation .. and French." he shudders. "Two just ... AWFUL things." he sighs. "But I'm in advance science, at least."

Darcy looks shocked "Music appreciation? You'd think that would be an ace in the hole for you. Is it a crappy teacher or something?" She looks thoughtful and says "I might be able to help with the French.I'm bilingual...well almost tri or quatre but my Mi'kmaq is rusty. My Grandmere was Mi'kmaq from the Gesgapegiag First Nation. Grandpere was French Canadian. My mom grew up in the Gaspe Quebec. She doesn't have much of an accent now so you wouldn't know it's her first language but she spoke French to Mari and I, still does when there's something she doesn't want to say in front of someone else. It's not really a code in Canada and if something's really bad she'll switch to Mi'kmaq."

Vincent shrugs. "I don't get it ... everyone is different .. so .. what one might appreciate another won't. It's a;; subjective ... and ... well .. I tend to get into debates with the teacher a lot." he looks sheepish. "Oh, if you CAN help, that would be great. I probably could have asked L, but ... now he's met my Dad .... It could have been worse, he could have been in SHE mode." he moves to the windows and looks out. "And learning another language would be cool. I only speak Italian and English." his eyes rove. "You can see EVERYTHING from here, almost."

Darcy frowns "Oh.....L's your friend who's sort of gender queer is it? Damn did they hear your dad say the f word?" Vincent would know by now that the f word that offends Darcy most is not the one considered the f bomb. "Please tell L that they or he or she are so very welcome here. And if studying with L helps you in French, I can just be a back up helper. I know how important it is to connect with your friends Vincent.'

Vincent scoffs. "Probably. I'll apologize for my father when I see L tomorrow. Hopefully for the last time." he grins. "I will. Could I have more than one friend over? Like ... Fi and L and Addison? For whatever .. studying or watching movies or just hanging out?" he blows out a breath. "Man ... it's weird ... I never did that. Even when my mom was ALIVE .. just .. had friends over." he blows out a breath.

Darcy smiles "Of course you can. Just warn me if you're planning a really huge party. I might go out. Not much of a big crowd person myself." She admits."But yes, hang out here. This is HOME remember?"

Vincent smiles. "Sure ...but I don't have a lot of REAL friends, I don't think." he smirks. "And the same goes for you, if you .. you know .. want to bring someone home." to him this is just common courtesy ... one he, of course, was never offered.

Darcy laughs "Thanks I'll keep that in mind. No danger in the near future. I'm pretty beat so I might call it a night early. I have to get up for the movers tomorrow pretty early too. So I'm going to say good night and go get ready for bed. You pretty much have your own bathroom because I have one attached to my room. Hey do you need toothpaste. I bought an extra. It's just crest....regular..."

Vincent smiles. "Alright. Yes, I need it .. I can pick a toothbrush up tomorrow." he tells her and suddenly snaps his fingers. "By the way ... if you hear a high pitched scream in the bathroom ... its only me seeing a spider. Please bring your gun and kill it." he confesses his fear to her. "Goodnight, Aunt Darcy ... and thank you."

Darcy snorts and goes to grab him the extra toothpaste "No guns in the house and so far no spiders. Night kid, and you're welcome."

Vincent grins and takes the toothpaste into the bathroom. He brushes his teeth and looks at himself in the mirror. Then he tides up a little and goes into his bedroom. Turning the light off by the wall switch, he lets his eyes adjust and goes to the cot, making it up a little. He lays in it and listens to the silence and smiles softly to himself, setting his alarm and sending Fi a final text. "I love this place! See you tomorrow! Good night." followed by a kissy emoji. Then he lays down, not expecting a reply, but is soon asleep anyway.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mistletoe and Feeling Green - Adum and Megan

 Megan waits for Adum to get home having caught his Christmas spirit and stopped in at the greenhouse before getting home before him. She has mistletoe hanging all over the house and sprigs of fresh holly in cute little pots around too. Going through her iTunes she puts on a Christmas mix she made the last day he was working and she wasn't as a surprise. She's got the fridge stocked with eggnog and is lighting a fire in the hearth.

Adum walks home, smiling softly to himself. There was plenty of things for him to be grateful for, and this was one of his favorite times of the year. Granted, they did not have a Christmas tree, but when one had a house full of cats, a Christmas tree meant broken ornaments and tipped trees, which became more work than it was worth, He could see his house two doors down, glowing in the early darkness and he chuckles slightly as he climbs the stairs and puts his key in the lock to enter. "Megan?" he calls, turning to lock the door.

Megan stands up from lighting the fire as she hears Adum. She turns and starts to smile and then suddenly feels a wave of nausea "Hi....oh god.....sorry...stood up too fast." She steadies herself on the couch as she slowly walks towards him.

Adum moves forward quickly "You OK baby?" he asks, reaching to hug and steady her. "I hope you aren't getting sick. Mert's husband caught something, and I am hoping she doesn't being it in to share with the rest of us."

Megan's eyes go wide and she exhales "Ugh I hope not. I have been kinda tired. Maybe I'm fighting it. Dammit I bought mistletoe....I don't want to kiss you if it means sharing a stomach bug...." She groans and sinks down on the couch. Her phone buzzes with a text and she glances at it tiredly "Hey my Aunt Shirley's going to her daughter's for Christmas. Why don't we host here and invite Dad and Tams?"

Adum nuzzles her neck. "I would rather get it from you then Mert's husband." he sits beside her, looking around as she checks her text. "You did all THIS?" he sounds amazed and then considers. "Sure. We can host it. I owe Tams a ham, anyway." he laughs.

Megan chuckles and then holds her stomach "Shit don't talk about food.....oh why...belly...yech..." She switches to her calendar app "Mmmm what day of the week is Christmas anyway.....Sunday..."She frowns for a second and asks "It's the 27th already?" like it means something to her.

Adum pulls her a little closer and looks at the calendar. "What's the 27th?" he searches his memory for whatever he's missed.

Megan catches her breath "Adum, I'm late...and queasy..." She grins a bit and then mildly groans "I have a little test up in the bathroom we might want to take....."

Before she finishes, Adum talks over here. "No, it's NOVEMBER, Megan, you aren't..." and then she finishes and he looks at her. "Ohhhh .... THAT late." he stares at her. "Yea .. we might want to .. or YOU might want to. I'm not late, to my knowledge." he teases, but his own excitement is mounting.

Megan rolls her eyes at him "If you're late, you can figure out how to push a big wiggling baby out of your body and I'll hold your hand and tell you you're doing fine." She dashes for the stairs and then slows down as the nausea hits again "Oh I don't like this part..." She catches her breath and climbs more slowly, holding her stomach a bit.

Adum quickly holds up his hands. "No thanks." he chases her and places a hand on her waist. "We could have done this in the downstairs bathroom, you know." he wraps an arm around her and leads her into the bathroom. "Um ..... should I stay .. or should I go?"

Megan smiles "The tests are in here. I may have stocked up on a few. Caught a sale...." She gives him a wry smile "You wanna watch me pee on a stick or wait in the bedroom for that part?"

Adum arches both brows. "TESTS?" he smiles and then it falters and he hikes his thumb over his shoulder. "I'll ... wit int he bedroom." he leans down and kisses her, hen retreats to the bedroom ... where he immediately begins pacing.

Megan does the deed and then comes in and sits on the bed "10 minutes." She says in an exhale "Think we can make it?"

Adum looks at her as if she's uttered the word 'centuries' instead of 'minutes'. "God ... that never seemed like a long time before. But yea ... we've waited a dozen years. Whats ten more minutes." he leans in to kiss her. "By the way I saw what you did downstairs and its AMAZING." he leans in to kiss her.

Megan kisses him back lightly and then smiles "The holly makes the house smell Christmasy too. I'm glad you like it." She looks at the clock and sighs "8 minutes. I'll still have to go for an official one at the clinic but Nurse Kim says most of the over the counter ones are pretty accurate nowadays."

Adum nods. "I love it. You made the inside perfect. And I got the outside without hurting myself." he nods. "Yea ... we ... you ... us ... go in if its positive? I mean ... should we not believe it?" cause he looks like he wants to believe it ... a lot. If it's positive that is.

Megan nods "Yeah we just go in if it's positive. Otherwise it's just the fucking flu and my period being weird.."

Adum grins. "I didn't even knew you had it down so well." he admits. "Am I a bad man for not paying attention to your periods?"

Megan snorts "Nope, just a man.." she looks at the clock and then sits up on her knees watching it for the final minute before jumping off the bed and pulling Adum with her to the bathroom and a little white stick with a big blue plus sign on it . She gasps at the sight of it "Ohmygod we're pregnant!"

Adum keeps pace and looks over Megans shoulder at the blue plus sign, smiling. "Wow! We are." he laughs and pulls her into a tight embrace, then kisses her deeply.

Megan hugs him fiercely and kisses him back enthusiastically. she still feels nauseous but knowing the why, this why, she rides it out and her joy is so much greater than anything else. When they finally pull apart she bursts into happy tears.

Adum releases her and takes her hand. "OK ..." he begins, as if figuring things out. "First thing we do is work on this nausea. And, have you eaten yet? No more diets." he begins to lead her downstairs to the warm and welcoming kitchen. He moves towards the couch. "No, I shouldn't baby you .. you're pregnant, not dying of the plague." he hesitates. "DO you want to be on the couch or in the kitchen with me. Minerva isn't going to cook for you." he smiles, clearly happy.

Megan laughs at her husband "I'm still me....just with a little bit extra of us Adum. I'm going to google the nausea thing. I'm sure there are things that can help make that less without some kind of drug but it's also just kind of how it goes. Maybe something plain for dinner though...not too spicy."

Adum stands and nods, almost like a kid in a class he loves. "Yes. We have all kinds of things here already. Chicken soup?" he considers that and shrugs. "That makes it sound like you have a cold. But its bland. Is it ginger that helps with nausea." he waves that away. "Just find me some recipes. I'll have to let the crew know I'll be in ... probably the same hours as you, but then I need to come home. I can work from there. Josh might cry, but he's a big boy." he absently pets Minerva. "You're going to be a .. um .. great-grandcat." he tells her.

Megan walks to him and puts her arms around his neck "Honey, you need to breathe. We don't have to change our work habits for nine months." She grins. "And you're supposed to wait a little bit before telling know just to make sure it takes. We can tell family though once the clinic conforms us. I'm pretty sure that test is right though."

Clearly the idea that the pregnancy wouldn't take had not yet crossed Adum's mind. "After what we've gone through in the last ... hell three months? It'll take." he announces with confidence as he hugs her back. "But ... alright. I guess it won't be all THAT different. I'm pretty much on call 24/7 anyway. But if you need me ... if you just don't feel like doing something, let me know." and then he looks at her. "How long is 'a little bit', anyway?" he wonders, with a twinkle in his eye. He's plotting something.

Megan frowns "You know I've heard three months as a guideline but I don't know. Why? You've got that look about you...." She tilts her head at him curiously.

Adum moves into the kitchen, looking innocent. "Well, every day your still pregnant is closer to just stating its a fact. SO I was thinking .... we're hosting Christmas .. at least this year ... and Dad's already agreed to come back to Canada and have dinner with us..." he leans on the counter. "Let's tell them then. I can even ask Dr McKinney to write a note confirming it as a gag gift to Ryan and India." he looks at her and reaches for her hands. "Please, Mom...." he reaches for the very tone he used on his own mom when he wanted something.

Megan giggles "Yeah OK." She takes hold of his hands. "I'll just be evasive with Tams because most of her texts consist of "Hey are you knocked up yet?" I think she's amused but this whole "breeding" thing as she calls it."

Adum laughs. "Well ..... I'm not exactly sure how to take that. Knowing Tams it's both an insult and a compliment." he smirks and begins taking out chicken and things to make soup. He sets a pot of water on high and sets the chicken in with salt and mild spices.

Megan steps back and chuckles, googling on her phone "Ginger....slated the Premuim Plus kind..." She walks to the cupboard and thankfully they have a box. She opens it and rips the package open like it's her last salvation and starts eating a cracker, waiting for relief.

Adum nods. "Good, and if you like my soup, we'll get more oyster crackers." he looks in the fridge and nothing, but in the cabinet he finds what he is looking for .... "Ginger chicken soup." he proudly announces. "With saltines."

Megan leans her face against the cupboard and eats her third cracker mumbling "I love you....this is helping a bit. I look forward to the not feeling gross part of all this....even the big belly part..." She smiles and thinks about it and then says "God....Kitty's going to kill me!"

Adum takes a break, since a watched pot really won't boil and moves to Megan. "I love you, too. Thanks for doing this." he rests his hand on her flat belly. "I don't care about the big belly, you're STILL going to be beautiful to me." then he chuckles a bit. "It IS going to be interesting considering you guys run a condom shop. But I think Kitty will be happy for us .... even if she stows you away for six months." he grins. "So .... is orgasm good or bad for pregnant women?" he asks. "Because I think the more sex you are getting, the better."

Megan wiggles her eyebrows "Well we've been doing it and I didn't get pregnant I'd say yes to lots of sex. Because we better fuck like rabbits while we can." She jokes "I'll try not to puke on you."

Adum laughs. "True. And please .. avoid that." he cants his head. "I can already change a diaper. And clean up baby puke. And if it's a boy, I think I can dodge pee still."

Megan looks impressed and then admits something "OK confession time. There were no little babies in my family when I was a teen and I wasn't all that into the idea of babysitting. So I've never actually changed a diaper." She laughs at herself "Sad but true. I've held a few babies, not many. Most of my friends have been partiers not parents."

Adum shrugs. "I will teach you if Michelle doesn't. Just put it in the same category as litter box duty." he chuckles. "But YOU get breastfeeding." Then he looks curious. "Actually that's not exactly fair .... do you want natural? I mean ... Michelle or Susan?"

Megan thinks about it "Since we decided to start trying I've been doing some reading about all that. First of all, I can't do litter boxes....not that you don't beat me to it every time.But now I have an actual excuse to slack." She smiles self consciously and then goes on "But I've been reading about birth and all the scary interventions in the hospital. How would you feel about a home birth? I know Michelle does them."

Adum laughs. "Pregnant women arent supposed to do litter boxes. As a matter of fact there be a kitty door to the garage before I am a week older. They can have their own room." he listens to the rest and smiles. "I'd love that, Megan. I was born in this house. And for OUR child to be born here too ....." he blinks and clears his throat, turning away from her to stir his chicken and mask his emotions a bit.

Megan melts a bit at Adum's reaction and heightened emotion. She walks up behind him and hugs him around the chest "This is going to bring up stuff. I've already been thinking about my mom too...."

Adum sniffs and chuckles a little. "It will. But that's alright. You're going to be a great mom ... and I hope I am not SO much like mine I drive you away, like mom did to Dad."

Megan laughs "Oh Adum. You'd have to work pretty damn hard. You're stuck with me....nine cats and so far one small human in the works." With a sigh she asks "What happened between your folks?"

Adum sighs as the water really starts to boil and he just lets it cook. "Good. I'm happy stuck with you." he leans against the counter. "My mother was ... OCD kind of clean. I'm not sure why. But by the time Dad married her ... she made life interesting and apparently having me didn't help." he shrugs. "I don't know what she expected but she got it in her head that everything, including me, had to be spotless. She worked at the Mariners when it opened ... unsurprisingly as a housekeeper. But at home .... she was always cleaning. If you walked into my room when I was five, you would have thought it was from some 1950's sitcom. When I started babysitting ... man I thought the Reinhardts were horrible because they let their kids make messes. But they were so HAPPY. It wasn't like that in this house. And Dad finally had enough and moved to Cedar Point." he blows out a breath. "Then mom got REALLY bad."

Megan nods, understanding as much as she can "Did she need to get help for it? That sounds really tough. And god you must have though my house was a sty. We're all terrible cleaners. Tam's a little better than Dad and I but she still has piles of crap, she just piles it." She laughs.

Adum shakes his head. "Mom said she didnt have a problem. It was crazy NOT to be clean. Dad told me later that he never stopped loving her, but ... yea .. he'll joke about how the house is now bigger inside because my mother cleaned it so much the supports are thinner." he grins. "I sort of liked it. And the Reinhardts. I wanted a sibling because I thought maybe having more than one kid would make parents relax." he blew out a breath. "Dad did all the renovations on this house because Mom wanted another kid ... but ... he'd gotten the snip a few years after I was born ... seeing how mom was with me sort of ..." he shrugs.

Megan slumps "That's so sad. Well we don't have to fill the whole house but a few would be nice. I know i want to kill my sister now and then but I do love her and we mostly had fun when we were small."

Adum chuckles. "Well, lets take it as it goes. I know childbirth isn't easy. I caught one in Cedar Point, but not here, yet." he smiles. "Tams loves you. I Can tell by how she watched me like I was a wanted criminal."

Megan looks amazed "You caught a baby? Through your work?" she smiles and nods in agreement about Tams "I know she does. I hope she meets someone one day so I can give her all the I'll kick your ass if you mess with her stares too."

Adum nods. "There was a big storm .. not as bad as they can get here .. and the bus was NOT going to run. I was on the night shift and you know the bus is right there ... but it STILL took me five minutes to get there. Poor kid was running away .... a little late, if you ask me. But she had her baby and seems to me once it was out, she was perfectly happy." then he chuckles. "Makes me want a sister-in-law now."

Megan nods "Wow....good to know in case you need to catch ours. And don't hold your breath on Tams. she hasn't dated since Eryn. I think maybe a few one night stand style hook ups but no one she's had to be emotionally accountable to. I want her to be happy again if she can find it."

Adum chuckles. "I'm not sure I WANT to catch our baby." he muses. "As it is you will probably be calling me all kinds of names for doing this to you. THAT much I am prepared for." he laughs and nods. "Well .... I only know two lesbians that I know of. One is working to be a mother, which I thihnk would be a MAJOR turn-off for Tams. But ... there's always Frank .. but SHE might be a little too much ... well ... man ... for Tams."

Megan rolls her eyes at this "Do NOT let Tams hear you talk about women that way. Oh my god. And do you remember Eryn? I know it's been awhile, and they were older than us and always doing their own thing but there were times when Eryn made Tams look like a delicate feminine flower. I think Tams has a pretty broad spectrum of attraction. She was totally pining for Brandy Miller for awhile and you don't get much more girly than that. Anyway I referred to Eryn as "manish" one day and I almost didn't hear the end of it." She imitates her sister now and toughens her stance, beginning to talk with her hands and get in Adum's face like her sister does "Way to heterosexualize my relationship you stereotyping know it all breeder!" She started the breeder thing pretty much as soon as she came out with me. I wasn't even sure I wanted to breed back then but I've been wearing the label....not that she would stereotype me...fuckin hypocrite." He last sentence has a very sarcastic tone.

Adum rears back a bit and sighs. He turns to the boiling chicken and uses a two pronged fork to put it on a cutting board with a slight annoyed thwap. Beginning to slice and dice it he snorts. "Because I am the walking, talking male stereotype, so of course I'm a breeder. You will quit your job, cook, clean AND raise our dozen children." he blows out a calming breath. "Frank isnt bad. And she knows she is more butch than anything else. SHE doesn't get all pissy about it." he sighs deeply. "Breeder indeed. Like I am some prime stud bull." he huffs.

Megan giggles "Sorry I'm so used to Tams I don't even get mad anymore." She walks up behind him and grabs at his side belt loops, whispering in his ear "And you are a stud." She teases seductively "Who cares what she thinks. I'll be barefoot and pregnant and get a fucking t shirt that says breeder right on it. But if I'm in charge of cooking and cleaning we may have to have you committed before we get to a dozen in our breeding."

Adum lets himself get yanked, still pouting. "I'll show her." he starts on a second chicken breast. "YOU can cook her ham." he snorts and leans into her. "I'm YOUR stud. MOOOOO."

Megan pinches Adum's bum "Fine stock too. And that would cure cooking." she laughs a bit mischievously.

Adum doesn't move at the butt pinch. He scrapes the cut up chicken back in the pot and begins slicing unpeeled carrots into it. The celery is waiting nearby. "Damn right on both counts." he huffs. "But I love you ... and have a reputation to protect." he sighs. "Besides, if it weren't for breeders, where would SHE be?"

Megan moves to the side and pops another cracker in her mouth, hoisting herself up on the counter and swinging her legs. After she chews and swallows she says tiredly "It's a stupid argument. Let it be her stuff. I think the best revenge would be if she fell for a woman with 4 kids and 3 cats. Then she'd have to shut up. Who's the lesbian friend having a kid? Is it like an in vitro kinda deal or willing male specimen?" She's talking like she thinks the woman is trying to have a baby on her own.

Adum drops the last carrot in, then turns, sees Megan on the counter and simply begins to chuckle. He chops the celery up fine and adds it. "Oh ... that is ALMOST enough to get me down the street to ask Miss Norris for a prayer." he moves himself between his wifes legs. "Almost." he leans in to kiss her.

Megan wraps both her arms and legs around Adum and smirks "Sometimes I'm a mean little sister." She kisses him back and then pulls back looking suddenly queasy "Oh.....oh dammit." she rolls her head back and breathes slowly waiting for it to pass.

Adum chuckles. "But I still love you." he pulls back also, wondering if she's going to bolt for the downstairs bathroom or not. He moves cautiously to the soup to stir, satisfied it is more than soup and less than stew for his poor queasy wife.

Megan just breathes and then slowly moves to get a glass of water, standing at the sink and drinking it and then pouring another right after.

Adum turns to watch her. "Is there anything I can do?" he asks, quietly. "Always have lemon water for you? Or ginger water? Keep the pantry stocked with crackers?"

Megan sighs "I think it's just something that passes in time but we can try those other things. You never answered me about who else was trying to have a baby."

Adum blinks and now that he knows his wife isnt going to puke in his soup, he grins. "Darcy Lynch put in an application to become a foster mother. SO .. she isn't having a baby. I think she's going to apply to be Vincent DiAntoni's foster-mom ... or parent or whatever the politically correct term is." he nods. "It'll help both of them, I think."

Megan has a look of dawning "Oh Darcy! You talked about her before. We've met briefly. Yeah I dunno if I'd set her up with Tams...I like her." she jokes "And I don't see it. Anyhow, that's really cool. I hope it works out."

Adum nods. "Yea. They'll be good for each other." he nods at the counter stools, where they usually have dinner. "Soups on." he announces. "I thought for about two seconds about asking you if WE could take that kid in." he reaches for the bowls and spoons and sets them out

Megan settles in at the table, hoping she can stomach the soup "I would have said yes.....but it would be better for him to be with someone he already knows I think."

Adum gins and ladles up two bowls. One more broth than anything and the other normal. He sets the broth in front of Megan and joins her. "We couldn't do it, baby." he argues. "Not with the nine cats and the baby on the way. It wouldn't have been fair to any of us." he sits and tastes the mild broth, enjoying the ginger he stirred in and thinking it was still bland enough for a sensitive stomach. "Besides ... they're really close, sounds like."

Megan nods, braving an attempt to eat very slowly. After a few small bites she nods "Well we would have been saying yes before we knew this...i mean people do it. But I think that is really a better scenario. She's another ex army person, like you right?"

Adum sips his soup, not wanting to chow down in front of her. "True." he shrugs. "Well, she saw combat, but yes. She's a veteran."

Megan takes a little break from her soup and closes her eyes, breathing "Wow, I'm going to be so much fun aren't I?" She tries to joke through it.

Adum calmly eats his soup. "ANd I will be right here, even if you have to throw up on me." he jokes back.

Megan groans "I'll really try not to....and yelling at you and being mean when I'm delivering...I don't want to do that either."

Adum smiles softly. "I'll take that as apology in advance .... and I accept it. Your carrying our child, Megan. How can I be mad at you?"

Megan smiles tiredly at him "I know, and thanks. Can you put mine in the fridge? I think i just want to lie down for awhile and see if that helps it calm down."

Adum nods. "I can do that, no problem." he has plenty of plastic storage containers. "Do you want to lay down here? I can get you a blanket and if you fall asleep I'll just bring you up to bed."

Megan nods and practically crawls to the couch. She tries her left side first and then flips over finding more relief on the right. She drifts off before he can even bring a blanket.

Adum gets a blanked from their stores on the first floor and smiles a little when he notices she is already asleep. Folding the blanked over the back of the couch, he carefully picks her up and, as promised takes her up to bed.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Alexandra Teen RP Monday Nov. 28th - Fiona, Owen, L, Vincent, Gino, and possibly Sebastian the spider

Elena Horatio is looking pensievely at the menu biting his lip as he decides on what he whats .. half in thought but most not knowing what he wants today. he stares at the menu then at the baked goods
Fiona Reinhardt noticed L and tried to wave but wasn't sure if she'd been noticed trying. She looked at Owen exasperated "I really don't think that's a valid science project exactly will you measure THAT?" ((I'll let Vincent make an entrance and then see him on my next post:))

Vincent DiAntoni might be seen outside talking and smiling with Kagiso Jackson. There a lot of nodding and finally a hand shake as Vincent come in and stands in line, waving at Fiona as he order a small peppermint mocha from the second staffer. He looks at L carefully and decides the masculine colors must mean male ... he hopes. It's not always easy. But he tries for a less familiar. "Hey L.". Can't possibly go wrong, right?

Owen Reinhardt sees L and flashes an awkward smile. He sees Vincent's wave while Fiona's still questioning him and waves back and then swats at her "Your love bunny Fi. And simple, air pressure. There will be a significant difference after 1 burrito verses 4 right?"

Elena Horatio slowly turns at his "name" looks at vincent blink 'o 'ello 'he say soflty and almost flatly in his low tone that he adapted for this phase . He looks back up at the menu like coming out of a dream like trances looks around and spots fiona then noticing owen smile returns it with a quizzical raise of the eyebrow but just nods at him too. . He looks forward.. 'i zink ill have a shot of double espresso and plain muffin'

Fiona Reinhardt looks at her brother in horror and then turns her head to Vincent and waves muttering sideways to Owen "Please don't call him that to his face.....or talk about science....or speak at all really." She notices Kagiso walking away in the window and figured Vincent might have been out there talking to him for awhile.

Vincent DiAntoni doesn't catch anything Owen says. They're in a few classes together, being the same age. He blinks at L, a little put off. So he gets and pays for his drink, walks over to Owen and Fi, play punches Owen in the shoulder and will, if allowed sit with Fiona.

Owen Reinhardt looks confused by L's reaction and darts another glance discreetly that way. Vincent's arm punch busts him in the moment "Hey man. Want to be science project partners? I have a workable idea."

Elena Horatio looks around as he wait and pays for his order and slowly makes his way to the group sipping his espresso . he nods again to the 'ello 'he say softly to the group

Fiona Reinhardt sighs at her brother and pulls Vincent to settle in on the bean bag with her as she greets L "Hi L. How are you?" She elbows Vincent and says "Say no..." to her brother's question and then reminds Owen "You're not in our class Burrito Brain!"

Vincent DiAntoni kisses and sits with Fiona then looks at Owen just in time for an elbow to the ribs. "Um .... no?" he offer and looks at Fiona ... between brother and sister. "Why did I just say no?" he looks at L and raises his cup in the almost universal silent male greeting.

Owen Reinhardt looks at L and asks unsurely "Are you coming to sit with us?" He gives Fiona a look and then says to Vincent "Air pressure, solid science man....using what nature gave us. What you really want to say is YES!"

Elena Horatio exhales soflty 'im well.' he say looking awkard at the ground then almost has to look up athe group and his frozen face relaxes softly . not it a grin but a relax pleasant look .and almost at the same time as owen ask he say 'would i be bozerign you to accompany you all 'he say and chuckles at an awkward soft laugh. ' he nods and sits down on a cushion on the floor indian style

Fiona Reinhardt smiles at L "You're never a bother L. Maybe you can help me plan how to duct tape Owen's mouth shut. He's trying to convince my boyfriend he wants to help him measure his farts." She shoots a look back at Vincent as if to say that's why you need to say no.

Vincent DiAntoni looks at Owen, remembering the dinner that was dodged like a bullet. "What nature gave us?" he considers. "You're not going to test urine's ability to conduct electricity, are you?' he asks. "Because that's a total myth." he states, matter of factly. he gets this out as Fiona is explaining. "Measure farts? What FOR? Energy ... and not even CLEAN energy?" Fi has already answered, which is good cause Vincent is fascinated with Owen's brain.

Owen Reinhardt looks terribly misunderstood now "Air pressure, pure and simple. Air pressure of flatulence as it directly relates to flatulence inducing fuel....aka burritos. There must be some kind of device. I'm going to ask Mrs. Kim-Thatcher if she has something....." He starts to look at L but then is suddenly a little embarrassed by his own defense.((still fits:))

Elena Horatio: give a half smile at this 'as long as they do zis test far away from people.. sounds okay .. but lets leave the methyne to ze cow . merci ' he say with an amuse expression. L looks at Owen exchanging a friendly but bemused approvingly look

Fiona Reinhardt just stares at her brother like he's from outer space "I'd love to see the look on her face when you ask." she giggles back at Vincent and then looks at L apologetically.

Vincent DiAntoni looks at Owen ... stares at Owen. "So ......." he looks a little scared. "Like .... the pressure of a burrito versus, say, boiled cabbage?" he sips at his coffee, not wanting to laugh at him. "And L has a point. Human flatulence versus bovine, versus swine versus dogs versus cats ... or humans solely." he is actually considering this. "And what do you measure it with for each animal ... like you said." he is thinking MAYBE if it seem too much like work, Owen might abandon the idea.

Owen Reinhardt looks encouraged by L and Vincent and then thinks hard about what Vincent is suggesting and a worried look comes across his face "I don't want to collect cow farts....what if they shit on me? I mean I guess I could wear boots and a mask....rain gear maybe. Do we know any farmers?"
Elena Horatio adds "tape it you do . He chuckles 'you sound like.. someone i used to know ' he trails off but shakes his head and looks at fi with a look of understanding given his family but facepalm sort of glad theyre on a more trivial discussions giving him a way out from his abrupt leaving . he just laugh soflty 'you guys are too much "

Fiona Reinhardt gives Vincent a little swat, not enough to actually hurt at all, just reprimand "Why are you encouraging him? You do realize I have to live in the house with whatever he .......collects?" She sighs at L and gestures at Owen "I have three of these things at home. I tried to sell the younger two at a lemonade stand when we were kids but no one wanted to buy them."

Vincent DiAntoni takes his reprimand, "Trust me, babe." he whispers, clears his throat and downs more of his drink. Facing Owen, he continues. "Not just cows. You'd have to probe every animal you were examining. Like that black cat of the Chiefs? And, not that I don't like you or enjoy the friendship we are developing but you're NOT probing my ass. It's not a gay thing. It's a limits on our friendship thing. I think your entire family has the same limits on the relationship, too. Just a guess, but I think a safe one." he nods at L in complete agreement. "FAR too much.." and he buries his face in Fiona's neck, not only because she is his girlfriend but so Owen might not see him trying not to smile.

Elena Horatio just covers his mouth and shaks his head 'what can you do 'he say to fi figuring out Fi can sort him out since family know how settle their younger brother abit from the example of his father and uncle

Owen Reinhardt points at Fiona "She really did! Marked Seamus and I down to 50 cents Mom said. Human trafficking!" He looks increasingly worried at Vincent's breakdown of the possible experiment and looks with wide eyes at L and then down to the floor "That isn't exactly what I had in mind...probing....just the exterior observations. And I bet that stupid cat ate Sebastian if he got out.....Voldemort!"

Fiona Reinhardt kicks at her brother "Human trafficking! Piss off I was were just a commodity no one wanted." She had to stifle a giggle at Vincent's antics as she caught on and turns her head to L in a laugh cough.

Vincent DiAntoni loses it then. "Fifty cents?" he begins to laugh. But then Sebastian gets mentioned and every ounce of humor leaves him. "Voldemort? Who ... well ... maybe?" his eyes remain big.

Owen Reinhardt sneers "that stupid mean cat at the Brate house. I'm going to get another coffee." ((I'm being herded here very soon so I'm going to start moving Owen towards the door so he can see out:())

Fiona Reinhardt winces at the mention of Sebastian "Don't worry Vincent...." She watches her brother get up and looks at L with a smile.

Vincent DiAntoni loses it then. "Fifty cents?" he begins to laugh. But then Sebastian gets mentioned and every ounce of humor leaves him. "Voldemort? Who ... well ... maybe?" his eyes remain big.

Vincent DiAntoni blinks as Owen stands to get another coffee. "He needs MORE caffeine?" he asks, Fi.

Owen Reinhardt stands and looks at the sweets while he waits in the short line. A car alarm goes off outside and he frowns out the window and walks over to see which car it is "Man that's loud...."

Elena Horatio looks at 'is sebanstian his rat and an voldemort a cat.. 'he say sofyt 'well i suppose this voldemort didnt have a choice.. cat eat rats 'he say soflty 'odd name 'eh say softy .he shrugs and watches them

Fiona Reinhardt looks like she doesn't want to say it and literally puts a hand up to shield Vincent and whispers to L "A tarantula...." Suddenly she hears Owen yell "Sebastian! No don't run!!" and then he's out the door. Fiona jumps up "Shit sorry..." she looks back at Vincent "you don't have to...I'll call you..." She looks at L "I'll explain later....bye!" She chases after her brother hoping to god it's another false sighting.

Vincent DiAntoni raises his head at the sound of the alarm. Then Owen screams Sebastian's name and both brother and sister take off like a shot. "Sebastian?" he blinks, standing and looking at the front door a both Owen and Fiona start chasing ..... something. "It's a .... not a rat." he says to L, not looking at her .. still looking out the door.

Elena Horatio nods watch the commotion as the dart off ..HE looks back 'oh .. well thats an interesting pet.."he say soflty look back and forth at the door then at Vincent and looks up as he takes a bite out of his muffin

Vincent DiAntoni hears the squeal of breaks and screech of car tires on pavement, followed by a mans swearing. "Please be squashed. Please be squashed. Please be squashed. Please be squashed." he repeats, his eyes wide and taring out the door. he blinks at L. "Not even a little bit." he argues.

Elena Horatio looks at the fright in his eyes and nods 'yeah .. theyre sort of creepy .. but .. i do hope for that boys sake turn out ok .. 'he say softly as he tries to be diplomatic to both parties having to negotiate internally everday with him/herself

Vincent DiAntoni looks at L as if he's grown two heads. "That monster is running lose on the streets of this town!" he proclaims. "No cage ... no .. no ... fishbowl ...." he looks like he wants to leave. "Someone should call the police ...." his hand fumbles for his phone.

Elena Horatio looks at Vincent and stand and calmly exhales 'theyll catch it.. or if worst come to worst .. if they dont we can call animal control'he says trying to reason with Vincent calmly

Vincent DiAntoni 's hand is shaking his phone too much to call anyone. "Maybe .... maybe ...." he considers. "DO we even HAVE animal control!" the issue had never some up for him before. "Oh God, we don't even have a POUND! Do they even take giant, viscous hairy INSECTS!" he is not helping himself.

Elena Horatio looks at vincent and cautiously reaches to pat his shoulder . 'some one or something will catch it or .. it kill it

Vincent DiAntoni is still staring at the far doors when L oats his shoulder. He scream ... a bit high pitched and turns. "Get it off me!" he sees L and pants. "OH .... right .... that was you?" but his hand goes over his shoulder to make sure. He inches for the door. "I can make a run home ... yea ... I'm not that far away ...." he heads for the door, ignoring the looks. "Be safe, L!" he peeks out of the door and, seeing no one looking at the ground, or screaming or being killed, he breaks into a sprint.

Elena Horatio looks abit stunned then sees Vincents 'books and starts to call out but is to slow. He grabs the books and chases about a block behind him and see him go into an apartment building . he looks around and spots a doorbell intercom with the various of the tenants last names .. 'he spots Di Antoni and pushes the button under the name

Vincent DiAntoni is in the ... relative ... comfort and security of his own home trying to relax when the door bell startles him. He moves to the button. "Who is it?" he asks trying to keep his voice calm.

Elena Horatio press it and speaks into the speak 'Its L'he say softly releasing it to hear Vincents response

Vincent DiAntoni blinks and sighs. "Um .. come on up ... second floor. I'll open the door for ya."

Elena Horatio walks up the flight of stairs and peeks in the door 'ello . ' He say cautiously

Vincent DiAntoni move into the dining area by the door. "Hey L .. come on in. What's up?" he move into the cramped kitchen.

Elena Horatio comes out from behind the wall and enters in holding up Vincents books 'youre books decided to stay behind 'he say soflty smilinng in his own joke, he looks at Vincent kindly

Vincent DiAntoni looks at his books and turns beet red. "Jesus fuckng Christ." he move to take them from her and sets them on the table. "Listen, can I get you anything? Coffee or tea or mil or whatever?" he move around her to close the door.

Elena Horatio shrugs.. 'ive forgotten my Cello once on bus.. 'he say soflty 'um sure.. tea pleas

Elena Horatio: he smile soflty stepping in

Vincent DiAntoni nods and moves to put water on for the tea. "It' o problem. Have a eat. I need to change clothes." he vanishes into the living room and, now armed with a bundle of clothes comes back out in ripped dirty jean and a old stained tshirt. "Cooking clothes." he announces and STILL puts an apron over it. He puts a bag in a cup and pours in the hot water. "I hope bagged is alright." he sets it in front of her with creamer and sugar containers.

Elena Horatio raises his eyebrow at the change of clothes but says nothing of it 'zat more then fine 'he say softly placing sittng down at the table and just drinks it straight smilign 'thanks for letting me in 'he say

Vincent DiAntoni smiles and begins bustling around the kitchen. "No problem, but why wouldn't I? We're friends, right?" he get out flour and a rolling pin and a bowl of meat from the fridge.

Elena Horatio smiles back as he sip his teas inhaling the tea scented steam 'exactomo . he say softly watching him bustle about the kitchen 'you cook.. zat is very good.. you can make sure it taste just the way you want 'he laugh soflty

Vincent DiAntoni looks in the bowl and stirs it a bit. "Oh yea. I cook. Someone has to." he jokes. "Hey listen L .. could you .. you know .. not tell Fi about what I did ... and said ... in Sigh? Owen too, actually."

Elena Horatio nods 'dont you worry , Mon ami'he say in sincere tone ' illl take it to my grave. 'he pledge 'but its not to be embarrased about 'he say soflty nodding and sips his tea

Vincent DiAntoni begins with the flour, making a well and adding the ingredients for a dough. He stirs it. "Oh, Fi knows I am scared of spiders. Owen doesn't." he pulls out a huge board and puts the dough on it, kneading it. "But I really don't want Sebastian squashed. I just want him ... gone Like a spider display in ... Miami ..."

Elena Horatio nods as he watches his friend and just nods and gives a listenig ear to him 'tottally understandable .. 'he nods 'i see you care about fi and her family feeling but yess those things can be creepy .. its quite normal to be afraid of them .. just a nature protecting you 'he nods

Vincent DiAntoni grins as he kneads the dough hard. "Fi is incredible." and he chuckles. "My sentiments exactly, but Owen has one a a pet. I mean I'm not freaked by snakes but I don't want an anaconda a a pet."

Elena Horatio smiles 'i see tzat .. i see you two all over each ozer 'he friendly teases him 'but yeah zats great .. 'he nods 'same as me .. but my mazer just loves Gigi ' he rolls his eyes 'good zing i live here at the dorms now, No?" he laugh soflty 'i almost feel the same about ze way you feel about 'is pet 'he laugh soflty

Vincent DiAntoni 's skin turns red as he blushes. "Well ... I ... really like her." he glances over his shoulder. "Who's Gigi?" he asks, still kneading hard.

Elena Horatio laugh softy 'whats not to like .'he laughs 'oh Gigi is my mazer albino burmese python ' he says nonchalant .. 'she creeps me out but my mazer treats her like a pekinese

Vincent DiAntoni laughs. "Seriously?" he shakes his head. "I've never had a pet. If I did ... probably a dog, but the fur would get all over hell." he divide the dough and begins to roll it out on the big board.

Elena Horatio laughs with him 'very serious.. she got her as a baby in burma.. well mean Gigi was a baby .. now she is aleat 10ft logn she shakes her head 'my pa.. she studied wild life .. all over before she settle down 'he looks out the windown 'that nozing she also has a pet fruitbat name Fifi 'he say softy 'i wish she would get a pekinese or a poodle but it makes for interesting dinner. He chuckles

Vincent DiAntoni turns from his rolling. "Ten feet ... Jesus." he breathes and shakes his head. Working quickly he takes the meat mixture and begins to put teaspoonfuls onto one half of the rolled out pasta. "So you never had a normal pet either." he laughs. "Who eats dogs? I mean I know they sometimes do in Vietnam, but .... who ELSE?" he actually sort of knows.

Elena Horatio looks at you 'i zing the chinese do .. they have some festival .. 'he shrugs his shoulders . 'i dont think i could eat dogs .. only hot dogs 'he chuckles 'but seriously .. i try not to judge a person by my standards. and cultures . 'he nods 'no i vaguely remember a chimp that wore a yellow tutu and hockey mask but .. i dont know if that was dream . because i was so small.. "

Vincent DiAntoni brushes water between the hill of meat and then folds the dough over. "No shit. Seriously?" he preses down to seal and gets a sharp knife out and cuts them all apart. Then he begins to seal all the edge well. "Never heard about THAT but i heard about some culture putting monkeys in this trap like table and cutting the top of its head off and eating it's BRAINS." he sighs and begins to roll out the other half of his dough. "Not my thing, at all. But .. a lot of people want it to stop. I don't now if they have that right or not."

Elena Horatio laugh soflty 'yeah seriously 'he nods 'yeah .. i dont think its right .. but coming from living with them and appriecating them .. i dont think is right .. they have a force like we do .. and some people say that animal are savage .. 'he sighs softly 'its a fine like between appriecating at what nature earth provide for food and what is just murder and torture.. 'he exhales 'that is the question ,,, where to draw the line "

Vincent DiAntoni considers a he rolls the dough a if he is a professional chef, almost. "Maybe .. are you a vegan? Like the lady owns the vegan place downstairs?" he wonder how offensive he is being making ravioli in front of a vegan.

Elena Horatio shakes her head 'im not ' He chuckles 'they have a place i appriecate their part in the cycle 'he softly

Elena Horatio: but i dont think i could eat unconvential meat 'he say soflty

Vincent DiAntoni breathes a sigh of relief and begins spooning meat on this batch. "That makes sense." he agrees, adding the brushed water and folding over to seal. "I stick to beef, pork, chicken and occasionally turkey ... and fish and seafood." he begins to cut them apart. "But not like shark. I want to TRY octopus. Not nothing ... like monkeys or dogs or ... " he shudders "Spider." he begins to crimp the edges and tosses them in a bowl with the first batch. He begins a clean up.

Elena Horatio nods 'my dads says.. said 'he correctly himself 'they dont taste so bad 'he laughs and winces its a honor in a tribe down in the amazon .. 'he say softy 'getting bigger bits'he shakes his head .. 'dont think theyre sense of adventure pass on to me .he laughs

Vincent DiAntoni cleans quickly and then takes a large pot and fills it with water, adding salt and putting it on the stove to boil. "I would never be an Amazon." he admits, getting another pan and dumping chunky spaghetti sauce in, then hiding the can in the trash and covering it up. "Shhhh" he advises as he begins to wash his hands. "Secret."

Elena Horatio laugh soflty 'good zing good at keep secrets .. because youre racking up enought airline miles in secret to fly there 'he smile laughing

Vincent DiAntoni washes and shakes his hands dry, then reaches for a dishtowel. Once dry, he adds sugar and a few other spices to the sauce. "The bottles save me a good half an hour prep time." he laughs. "What secrets have you told me?" then he realizes. "Oh no .. it ME .. yea .. Don't tell Fi, or Owen or anyone." he laughs and stirs,

Elena Horatio raises his eyebrow and laughs with him watching him cook 'ill die with your secret , Mon ami .'he smiles 'but youll know youll owe me one 'he say soflty in mock threat tone .. but chuckles soon after .. 'if tell you my secret id have to kill you 'he say in a mock menace but shakes his head

Vincent DiAntoni stirs and the water begins to boil. He turns down the sauce and watches the salty water boiling. Laughing he agree. "Thanks. I appreciate it." he pauses a minute and murmurs. "Shit!" a second before the door opens and an handsome man walks in. Obviously Vincent's father. He looks at L. "Who the fuck are you?" he demands, but before L can answer. "Dad this is L ... friend from strings class. Brought me my books." he makes the tea cup vanish. "Thanks L. I'll see you tomorrow." he does everything short of physically moving L out of the apartment.

Elena Horatio looks up mid laugha nd looks a the man blinking 'yes ill see you tomorrrow at school and lets himsel be rushed out of the apartment his eyebrows furrow at the sight of man .. cuz he interupted somethign nice and also L detective a bad vibe.. and he say abit shaken and scary once he is out of earshot of the apartment'he is blowing off the worst aura" he shakes his head hoping his friend is okay

Vincent DiAntoni is happy when the door is closed but before L leaves he will probably hear "I KNEW that fucking school would turn you into a faggot!! What happened to the Reinhardt bitch?"

Friday, November 25, 2016

The Green Eyed Monster and the Eight Legged Beast

Fiona walks off the ferry with Vincent hand in hand. she'd kept the conversation light for the coffee shop and ferry ride in front of the masses but now she looked at him a little intensely "How about a walk in the park?" She was asking with purpose.

Vincent was quiet and still a little sullen throughout the afternoon. But he felt a little more in his zone getting off the ferry on Alexandra. "Yea. That sounds like a good idea." he agrees and swings her hand a little.

Fiona calmly leads him to the large park behind the cop shop and gently steers him to a bench. She's been observing her mother trying to deal with her father's temperament for years and one thing she's seen work is her mother plunking down in her father's lap to lay down the law on things. Like mother, like daughter, Fiona eases herself into Vincent's lap. He's on the skinny side, but she also knows he's no wimp and he can handle it. "Minstrel, we need to chat." She says sweetly.

Vincent barely notices the walk, which does nothing or his temper, which he has been holding onto with both hands for a couple of hours now. He sits and Fiona puts herself in his lap, which does wonders right there. He places a hand on her back. "Sure, what's up, Boss?" he wonders, still clueless.

Fiona sighs and runs her fingers through the hair on one side of Vincent's head "You're aware that I'm like crazy about you right?" She asks this like she thinks he might not be.

The words snap Vincent instantly into the hear and now and he nods ... albeit a little slowly. "Yea ... I mean ... Yea. I know that, Fiona. He looks up at her, now wondering where all this is coming from. Had he flirted with that Ase chick and not realized it?

Fiona smiles and nods "OK step one. Step two...I'm VERY monogamous, as I'm hoping you are too. I don't share well, so I get it....but part of my being crazy about you means I'm not going to run off with some Norway boy who offers us cookies. And I think he was just being BOTH of us. Can we talk about that? Which would be...."she holds up three fingers "Step three." She stage whispers with a little grin.

Vincent beams. It's like sunshine beating back the oncoming darkness. But the mention of Loki makes him sigh. "Fuckin rich ....." he grumbles and sighs. Taking her three fingers he kisses them. "I ... MIGHT .. have gotten a little ... I dunno ...." he snorts and shrugs. "Fuckin show-off."

Fiona looks mildly frustrated by his grumblings and softens when he kisses her fingers "Vincent. It was totally harmless. They were trying to be nice. So what if they're weird and rich? I don't care one way or the other about stuff like that so it's not going to be a factor anyone can impress me with."

Vincent sighs and rests his head on her shoulder, not really looking at her. "I don't know, Fi." he grumbles. "It's ... pride." he sighs. "I know it isn't impressive to you .. it's just ..." he sounds frustrated.

Fiona leans the side of her face on his head, hugging him to her a bit and then letting her hand moves to the back of his neck. lightly massaging where the base of the neck meets the top of the back "It's just what?" she prods gently, her voice soft like when she's singing.

Vincent leans into the mini massage. For a moment it may seem like he won't answer. But finally it comes out in a low, almost whisper, as if the whole town will hear him otherwise. "My mother left me a lot of money ... well .. a lot for a 12 year old. And I am very good at NOT spending it, but ..." he sighs. "A lot of my playing on the street is to try and keep even, because ...." he closes his eyes and swallows hard. This is hard for him, even with Fiona.

Fiona doesn't prod again but just waits patiently, letting him say more when he's ready. She keeps massaging his neck and turns and brushes her lips on the side of his forehead and then just leans back slightly so her breath is warming the same spot on every exhale, just quietly.

Vincent gathers up the courage, feeling a sort of warm affection washing over him. "Fiona ... my Dad doesn't know it .. but when he's short on the rent, I put the money in the envelope and let him think he just can't count cash right." he looks at the grass under his feet. "Sometimes it's five .. sometimes its two hundred ... but its always something. And if he knew I'd be lucky if all he broke was my hands."

Fiona exhales "Vincent, you have GOT to get out of there! He'd hurt you for making sure you guys DON'T get evicted? God he's messed up." She hugs him again "I'm sorry. I know I take a lot for granted with my parents. I'm sorry if that makes me seem clueless......well I guess in a lot of ways I am. But I'm here for you."

Vincent hugs her back. "Italian pride. Believe me ... its fucked up." he sighs. "I'm working on it. Aunt Darcy is looking for a place and I told her if she wanted me ... and she does ... I can move the same time she does. Hell everything I own, except Igor and my lyre can fit in my army duffel." he lifts his arm. "You're dating one dirt poor man, Boss." he isn't even thinking of royalties.

Fiona laughs a bit "Vincent, I like you for you. I don't care if you live in a box and wear a potato sack...well as long as you shower and wash said potato sack so we can still make out and enjoy it." She qualifies a bit. "But I hope you do get to move in with Darcy because it will make you safe and happy and that's the important part."

Vincent manages a chuckle. "I am not THAT broke. SO yes. And for you I will even cough up the extra for scented dryer sheets." he hugs her. "She really seems to want this, and I do ... which is why I figger if she moves and I just sort of move in ... I'll have a foot in the door to being her foster kid."

Fiona looks at him thoughtfully "I have no idea how any of that works, but that sounds logical. I look forward to getting to know Darcy a bit better though."

Vincent looks up and smiles. "She's looking forward to meeting you, too." he pauses. "Once I move in, I bet I can invite you to dinner. If you want... Maybe with your parents?" he understands completely her fathers comments about Fiona never visiting him.

Fiona can't help but laugh "That sounds very formal, but OK sure."

Vincent chuckles. "Well ... maybe I am an old fashioned guy." he considers that. "Except I do housework." he looks up at her.

Fiona ruffles a bit "Yes, because that's women's work? If I tell you I do mostly yard work and home repairs as chores and build stuff with my Dad will you think me manish?" She teases.

Vincent shakes his head. "Are you CRAZY?" he demands to know. "One wrong move with a hammer or a wrench and ... my hands!" he holds them protectively close to himself, but with his arms around Fiona, he pulls her closer. "And ... yea ... spiders. When you see me see a spider, you will wonder which of us is the woman."

Fiona rolls her eyes and laughs "Yup...we'll baby those talented fingers. See? It's a good thing you met a girl who can use power tools. Don't tell Owen about the spiders, ever. He....LOVES...them. I don't mind them but he just thinks they're the coolest. He has a tarantula for awhile. It got away and we didn't see it when we were packing. The new owners of our old house might get a hell of a shock one day. I don't know how long they live....."

At first, Vincent moans a little at the mention of power tools, but as Fiona continues he pales. "In .... your old house ... the .. the one I was just IN?" he can't handle a daddy longlegs, never mind something fiercer.

Fiona tries not to smile "Yes. It might be dead though. I mean it would have to find it's own food since it got out of the aquarium thing. I think Seamus and Owen were leaving stuff out for it though, trying to catch it again. Made their room have this...smell...anyhow we moved...or should be mostly in now."

Vincent nods. "But .... it's not ... in the house? I mean the new one ... right?" he closes his eyes and desperately tries to man up. Finally he opens them and looks at her. "Please be fucking with me, Fiona?"

Fiona blushes and giggles "Mmmm no, but when you say it like that so distracting." She's teasing on a different topic. "Vincent relax. We couldn't find it. It's probably dead. In fact Owen's been talking about some kind of funeral for Sebastian since he's been gone so long."

Vincent blink, realizes what he said and blushes. "No! NO! Not till we're married!" he protests, but quickly calms. "Funeral ... funerals for ... big .. ass .. hairy .. spiders ... yea ... yea ... I'll ... I'll send flowers."

Fiona is almost in hysterics now and hugs Vincent so her face is beside his and he can't see her mouth "Married?" with a look that combines aww that's sweet and holy crap is he serious? Married? She clears her throat and focuses on the spider topic "Remember Aragog from Harry Potter? It's nothing like that. But a funeral for a know...anyways. Are you breathing?"

Vincent was doing fine until he heard the word "Aragog." Then he all but melts in her arms. "Yea ... I .. kind .. of .. fast forwarded through that part of the movie....." he confesses. "And yes ... I am breathing .... of course. I should get you home." he proclaims. Now that he knows the spider didn't make the move, he is more confident.

Fiona grins "You don't need to get me home but since I'm on the way to you, I'll walk you almost home, spider free I promise." She stands up carefully, extracting herself from his lap "And back to the beginning of the conversation, Vincent, if you ever feel the way you did this morning after shops, please remember step 1." She reaches for his hand " crazy about you, and only you, for who you are."

Vincent chuckles. "Fair enough." he agrees and stands after her. "I will remember Step One." he takes her hand. "So goes both ways." he leans in to kiss her before they begin to walk, maybe even with his arm around her.

Fiona sighs happily and kisses him back before they walk all snuggled together to her new, and hopefully, spider free house. Wherever Sebastian is now, Fiona hopes it's a good place, far from her sweet skittish Vincent.

Half Housewarming - Fiona and Logan

This post comes on ic day after:

Logan Reinhardt looks around his bedroom and nods. He's actually pretty happy with his purchases. It wasn't much, but he was happy with it. His battered armoire with drawers. His dresser. And a new ... well used ... lounger, love seat and small dining room table and chairs. Not bad for a new place, even if it WAS attached to his parents home. They were charging him rent, but it was a LOT cheaper than strangers would have charged him. And with a new job, he could make the rent and still do his classes in January and STILL maintain a social life. Moving downstairs, he hit the light over his private entrance to make sure Fiona could find the place. Last nights pizza was on the table ... his and hers ... and he was ready for his first ever house guest.

Fiona walks around her new house with a look of wonder twice before heading for Logan's door. The yard is amazing. She already has plans to petition for the building of a firepit so she has a hangout to invite her friends to that's not right in the house with her bothers and parents. Fiona knocks a few times.

Logan hears the knock and turns from the kitchen counter, moving around the table and chairs to the door. He opens it and bows his sister in. "Welcome to my home." he intones, dramatically.

Fiona giggles at her big brother and steps in "Thanks.....oh hey you get your own kitchen? Nice!"

Logan smiles and closes the door behind her. "Yes, but I need a hotplate. No stove or oven, but a microwave and small fridge." he motions. "The kitchen ... the living room. Small but its mostly just me, soooooo." he motions to the dining room table, crammed in with its three chairs. "Dining room. And dinner is served."

Fiona beams "Sharing the leftovers? Now I feel special..." She sits down and reaches to take a slice "Thanks Logan."

Logan laughs and sits as well, reaching for a slice. "I wanted you to be the first woman I had over ... even before mom." he admits. "Besides you know me maybe even better than mom and dad do, I think." he bites and chews. A couple of cans of soda on the table by the wall.

Fiona can't help but be a bit touched by the idea "Thanks Logan....I guess after awhile there's things that siblings know that parents don' know so we can be a team when they come at us?" She jokes.

Logan nods. "Yea. There a lot of things I guess we both keep to ourselves and don't share with them." he chuckles. "Like when you caught me crawling in the bedroom window after curfew a couple years ago and told mom and dad I had just slipped past them." he opens a soda. "You cover for me. I cover for you."

Fiona laughs "Well hey anytime...although now you don't have to can just come and go. I'll try not to be too jealous."

Logan chuckles. "Maybe. I have to admit ... it will take me a while before I bring any girl here for the night." he takes another bite and chews, thoughtfully. "And ... speaking of girls." he swallows. "I ... well ... I mean .. you .. know I'm no virgin, right?" he blushes a little, but probably not as much if he was talking to his parents.

Fiona rolls her eyes "Logan, I already figured. You're 18, you've been sneaking in after curfew or before the alarms go off. I'm not new you know. And I don't care...I mean I want you to be happy....and careful."

Logan nods and sips at his soda. "I am ... and I am ..." he pauses. "I used my last one last Friday night ... and then on Saturday I moved in here ... and Saturday night I bought some more . but ..." he clears his throat. "When I went into my drawer ... there were three condoms in there ... that weren't in there before." he pauses and lets her say whatever she may want to say before he asks if they were hers ... of her boyfriends.

Fiona giggles and flutters her eyelashes "The condom fairy strikes again, so you don't strike out! I dropped them in there. They were offered to Vincent, by his father on our first date....right in front of me...because DUDE is CREEPY." She holds up her hand in a disclaimer "And we didn't...and we're not ready to. Maybe someday, but in no hurry. I haven't with anyone before and neither has Vincent. Maybe don't tell him I told you that...but yeah, that's all."

Logan listens and blows out a disbelieving breath, covering his face with one hand. "Damn." he looks up. "Well ... I've never met Gino, but ... Man that kid has his work cut out for him." he shakes his head and sips again. "I'm actually glad to hear that, for both of you. And not just because you're my little sister. I like Vincent, by the way. And so does Dad. Now I know why he was so weird about Vincent ... it was because of his father."

Fiona nods "I wish I could get Vincent out of there. I'm so stressed out for him right now. There's a chance it could go another way...there's a cop who wants to" She breaks off remembering they had listened in from the stairs and she technically shouldn't know all this and then bites her lip and reaches for a soda.

Logan looks at her with a slight grin. "Yea .... so you two eavesdropped, did you?" his tone slightly teasing. "Yea. Well dude's dad came onto our mother. Maybe that cop can take him in sooner rather than later." he pauses. "Is he violent, Fi?" he asks. "Is Vincent being abused?"

Fiona smiles sheepishly and then nods and then her eyes fill up with tears and then she nods again "He says he can fight back......but's not right...." Finally, not trying to handle it AND be there to support Vincent, her tears spill over and she just starts crying.

Logan moves, kneeling beside his sister and holding her as she cries. "No ... it's NOT right." he blows out a breath. "It sucks ... more than sucks, Fi." he isnt sure what to say about it.

Fiona holds onto Logan and lets it all out "I'm sorry...I've been so good at keeping it together for Vincent because I want to help him.....I didn't realize how much I was holding back..." She catches her breath and wipes at her face, backing up from him a bit.

Logan looks at her when she backs away, reaching blindly for some napkins and offering them to her. "Yea .. well... help him by being his emotional support." he advises. "Leave the rest to us." he smiles. "Come on ... first of all, I bet Dad can totally relate .. and Uncle Mikey probably even more. I don't know all what happened but .... plus ... he has APD on his side ... and Uncle Mikey is a cop. Intimidating, right?" he'd heard about his fathers stunt.

Fiona giggles a bit about their uncle as intimidation and then nods "I know. Big scary looking until Mikey's lady shows up and then he gets all..." She makes a little melting gesture "If only to were that easy with Gino DiAntoni, and Grandpa....god people, they should make you buy a license to have babies, I Swear.'

Logan laughs. "Ohhhh its like THAT with Mikeys girlfriend? He must have it BAD." he shrugs. "But think about it. Dad and Uncle Mikey are pretty good guys, even if Dad gets a little paranoid about you. And ... what I saw of your boyfriend ... he's an OK kid. Not like his father." he pauses. "And we're decent kids ... so it didnt skip a generation so ...."

Fiona smiles "I know. I've had a few other boyfriends....Vincent makes me I can't explain it better than that. Not that I'm some damsel in distress, just yeah. I feel like I can be real with him."

Logan thinks about that. "Maybe because he's simple?" he holds up his hands and retakes his seat. "Not stupid, but it sounds like he's pretty easy to please and amuse. Most of the kids around here are spoiled by parents caring or money or both. Maybe its the island life. It's no Jamaica, but still."

Fiona thinks about it "He's far from spoiled. his life makes me feel like a spoiled brat. much we've been able to just take for granted....I mean even when Mom and Dad split for a bit and all the fighting...we never had to wonder if they were going to be there for US..."

Logan nods. "Yea. Our parents are always there for us." he agrees. "Living in this town he's got to know by now that folks know him. Who he is. And are looking out for him."

Fiona cracks open a pop "I think he's figuring that out. It will be what it is. You know we've been talking about my life for an hour now....Logan tell me about your stuff? I feel like a conversation hog here."

Logan chuckles. "What stuff?" he motions around. "Upstairs is the bathroom, a bed, the dresser and I found a matching used set of like armories with drawers. Oh and a lounger. It's a little ratty, but I figure if I knew someone with a decent eye .... she might help me reupholster it ... you know, when she's not making out with her boyfriend." he stands. "Come on up and look." he stands and heads up, grabbing a piece of pizza to take with him.

Fiona giggles and follows him "I'll see if I can make room in my makeout schedule. It's pretty hectic." She jokes. "You have your own jelly..."

Logan leads the way and stands at the foot of his bed ... which is much larger than the one in his old room. "Gee ... thanks." he quips. "Yea, there's no tub, but I am not one for soaking in a bathtub." he admits. "I can do my classwork on my bed or down on the dining room table ... so not much different than when I lived in the same house."

Fiona looks around "Except no Editor Mom......she's good that way on essays. Will you come and have dinner with us lots?"

Logan chuckles. "Yea, but she's close by." he reminds her. He blows out a breath and plops on the lounger. "Not if Owen is cooking." he argues. "I'm going to get a couple of hot plates or something, so I CAN cook. But yea ... I'll probably eat with the family the way I always do. I'll even volunteer to cook and offset my rent."

Fiona laughs "I feel like it was my fault partly with Owen...I left him alone with it. I know how he gets. I just knew Vincent was going to be in my room and I didn't want him finding a bra on the floor....or tampons... or bad angsty ex poetry or ...anything else while he was helping me pack. so I ran off to do a quick sweep and left Owen. To be fair it was only mac and wieners and some chili powder when I left the room."

Logan shakes his head, sadly. "Well, I'm sure Vincent appreciated it. But ... Owen ... he just doesn't get that doesn't work. Chili mac is one thing ... what he made ... I didnt see it, but I smelled it. It was NOT chili mac, damnit." he sighs. "I suppose ONE of us had to be a complete failure in the kitchen. But even Uncle Mikey has a specialty."

Fiona muses "He could be a cook in like a prison...oh wait not, I guess that would be a human rights violation right? I REALLY hope he takes shops. I signed up for Metals and Wood Shop. So be ready for a weird looking cutting board for Christmas for your new place or maybe a plant stand?"

Logan laughs. "Yea ... they are trying to atone ... and no death penalty, you know." he considers it. "After last night I think Mom and Dad will make him. And .. yea ... a cutting board ... OH I've been looking at micro apartment videos on YouTube. So ... yea ... anything space-saving. Or multi purpose." he chuckles. "I actually kind of like this place, to be honest. I'm still close to the family .. not thrown out into the wilderness like Mom and Dad will do with you."

Fiona just sweetly smiles "That's OK I've been watching YouTube videos on how to skin and gut small rodents. The same should apply with larger mammals too I'd think. There are many creatures to be found in the wilds Logan....."

Logan groans. "I was thinking of becoming an EMT, but maybe I should consider law school .... you're gonna need a defense attorney. Maybe Vincent should consider it."

Fiona giggles "I am joking. and jokes aside I'm thinking of becoming a CSI, since I already have half a criminal brain to dig in."

Logan mock scoffs. "It's hard to tell when you start talking serial killing." he considers. "Good point. You do. So like Forensics? A cop?" he chuckles. "Man, just when I thought you couldn't be any more Uncle Mikeys favorite."

Fiona swats at Logan and chuckles "I am NOT his favourite.....ok maybe a little...I guess like a cop yeah. Although I don't want to shoot anyone, just help solve things after someone else does it."

Logan dodges the swipe. "Yea maybe a little." he rolls his eyes. "That sounds like a plan. "And what does your boyfriend plan to do for a living? He doesn't look like a sports jock. What are his interests BESIDES my sister?"

Fiona blushes a bit "Well music obviously, but he actually wants to work in pathology. His mom died of brain cancer, so he wants to help people like her."

Logan looks impressed. "Really? A doctor? Or a lab tech .. but either way ... impressive. He's the guy that plays the harp, right? That really sucks about him mom." he sighs.

Fiona looks out Logan's windows "Yeah harp and lyre....he's great at them. It's a good thing you have your own door now...there's no foot holds here." She teases and then adds "I have a drainpipe on my side.....and the deck railings......not that it's important..."

Logan chuckles. "Well I can let the girls in my door, right?" he looks at her. "Well, depending on what you two were doing out past curfew, I can always tell them you crashed here in the night. I still owe you one .. or two ..."

Fiona gives him a twinkly eyed smile "We're pretty well behaved but I'll keep that in mind. So did you get a job? I wasn't sure if I overheard right. I got a job but you first."

Logan scoffs, but can't really tell her sister NOT to do anything, since he does. "I'm working at Zig Zag records .. at least for now. That guy with the long blond dreadlocks? Phoenix Fire Moon. He's being pretty open with my hours, so when I have class, I can still make it full time." he cants his head. "What are you doing?"

Fiona looks fascinated "The hippie? I've always wanted to study one." She says this like she means by dissection and then bounces a bit "I'm am elf in the cult of the Claus. I'll be brainwashing little minds.... I mean helping the little darlings sit still on his knee."

Logan looks concerned. His sister killing his boss can't guarantee him employment. But before he can mention that she tells him what her job is going to be and he simply blinks. "Did .... did you apply under a false name?"

Fiona just laughs "No but I wonder if there's some kind of elf witnesses protection program so I can hide after wearing the suit. I haven't picked it up yet..."

Logan looks at his sister hard, then cants his head tot he left and keeps on staring. "What's it look like?" he wonders.

Fiona rolls her eyes "Red and green and festive....with bells. If they let me keep it though I can go all zombie elf for Halloween."

Logan grins. "So not all sexy and whatnot?" he looks relieved. "Because ... I don't want to get scarred. is all." he chuckles. "I wonder who the Santas will be ... this town does not have the best record, if memory serves."

Fiona laughs "No danger. Even Vincent is premocking yeah no sexy. Yeah I dunno who the Santas are. I'm sure they'll canvas at the Senior's movie night and see who's senile enough to say yes."

Logan chuckles. "Hey ... it's just natural to want to see a girl pre-wrapped for Christmas." he protests. "Which reminds me ... I need to figure out what I'm going to get for the family."

Fiona quips "Zombie survival kit...the gift that keeps on giving?" She sighs "I'm stumped on Vincent...I was thinking of a cool light carry bag for his lyre but I'm hoping that's not too lame."

Logan snorts. "Weapons all around. I can do that." he grins. "That sounds cute and I bet he loves it." he pauses a minute. "You could invite him for Christmas dinner." he suggests. "Get him away from his father?"

Fiona nods "Yeah I will, but we might be dinner number 2...which is fine. He has a sort of...well his Aunt Darcy. He had thanksgiving with her. She's a cop in town, really cool....actually if you heard Chief Brate, I'm pretty sure that's the cop that wants to take him in. We can hope anyway. Uncle Mikey might confiscate anything too weapon like. Hey he's coming for Christmas with his new lady and her kid. He's little I think though...the kid....might be fun for Seamus."

Logan looks interested. "Aunt ... ohhhh ... like a play aunt." he nods. "Cop is good. The cute one? Wait .. he has noone BUT his Dad?" he shudders. "Oh yea ... I thought he'd never date again. I wonder if she's like Sara ... I mean I know they were married and all, but .. I dunno."

Fiona shrugs "I was kind of meh on Sara too. I mean she was pleasant but Mikey.....I just didn't see it. He's a ball of mush around Stephanie, and I have to say she's delightfully vicious." She lightly kicks at Logan's leg "Which cop do you think it "the cute one"?" She teases.

Logan nods and then laughs. You met her? Tell me!" he demands and then laughs. "Well shes one of the few women in there. I mean Frank Sharp is a lesbian ... that's ... it's a no brainer, Fi. So the other one."

Fiona laughs "Ok well..yeah she's pretty in kind a natural no fuss way, brown hair, chin length.....kind eyes, nice smile. There is one more woman at the station....the loud one....I was hoping you weren't a masochist all of a sudden."

Logan nods. "Oh yea ... the one who should be the towns emergency broadcast system? She's nice but damn!" he chuckles and heads back down to his kitchen. "How's school going? You surviving with yoru brothers suddenly appearing to shame you?"

Fiona sighs "Owen was asking someone potentially inappropriate questions today. I think it was OK but the person in question...literally kinda took off real fast."

Logan blinks. "I'm going to ask. Probably regret it for the rest of my life, but .... What did he ask who?"

Fiona explains "I have this friend at school L....not Elle as in a girl's name, the letter L. L is well self defined bi-gender. I've never met anyone else who's that before but it's basically sort of having phases of male and phases of female where dress and posture and behavior switch from one to the other. L was explaining it and Owen asked the hermaphrodite question, as in Are you one. Then L left without even getting whatever they...well she that day ordered."

Logan stares a minute. "Ahhhh our Owen." he chuckles. "Well, I can't talk. The first word that popped into my head was Sybil. The movie about the chick with the multiple personalities?" he blows out a breath. "That's gotta be rough on .... L."

Fiona frowns "I haven't seen that. I did watch that one Orlando though but it's more of a many lives than personalities. I'm not sure how to ask L without making it worse. I know Owen was just being curious, I just hope it wasn't offensive."

Logan shrugs. "There were movies in '76 and 2001, plus a book I read. I ... had ... phases." he nods. "I don't know how you can be that and not expect a million questions. Especially from a 14 year old kid. And Owens a YOUNG 14."

Fiona scrutinizes Logan now "You had phases? Of reading.....or gender stuff?"

Logan sighs. "Both." he admits. "There was a guy in my school in Vancouver ... we played around but ... I don't know if its for me. I like girls too, so ..." he shrugs and moves on. "But books .. HELL yea. You should see my electronic book collection!"

Fiona just takes it in and nods "Cool. I've never had that feeling with a girl, but I understand the appeal." She has a sudden flash and squints "I wonder if Owen was....nah he's just a weird kid all the time..."

Logan snorts. "I still don't know. I mean ... guys ... I think I'd be a little worried and I don't know why." he snorts. "I think of Owen and I think he's more no-sexual. Just driving women away with his manners or his cooking ...." he adopts a high falsetto. "Owen I'm sure you mean well, but I can't stay with a man who has his own stock of ipecac."

Fiona shudders than laughs "Maybe having a stock of that would be wise until he learns to cook." She looks truly curious "Why would you be worried about guys? Like as in people being jerks to you about it?"

Logan scoffs. "So, the rest of his life .. OK until he learns to stick to a recipe." then he shrugs. "I don't know. Dad and Uncle Mikey are such jocks. But yea. I know it can still be bad out there. If I had to say I would say I think I could love anyone, if they were special enough, although there have been more women than men in my life."

Fiona shrugs "Well I think it's all cool. Love is love right? And I'd be more worried about Grandpa being a dick that Dad and Uncle Mikey."

Logan nods. "Yea ... but .... What it should be and what it is can be two different things. And ... I wouldn't invite anyone I know to meet Grandpa .... not anyone I LIKED." he scoffs.

Fiona nods vigorously "Oh yeah. I agree. Oh hey I almost sec..." She dashes down to her backpack and comes back with a few envelopes "You got mail. I brought it because Dad forgot to tell you yesterday." She taps on an envelope with an address from Germany "That one's a Christmas card from Kurt. He sent me one too....I'm actually glad he sent you one. I was worried if he kept writing to me I'd have to politely mention I have a boyfriend now." She blushes a little.

Logan takes the envelope, blushing madly. "Thanks. Yea ..." he sets it on the kitchen counter. "Why ... didn't things work out between you two, anyway? Well besides being on the other side of the planet?"

Fiona watches Logan and shrugs "I dunno....I kinda got the impression he liked someone else, bit of a brush off, you know. So then that stupid Joey thing happened, and now....well now I can't complain....... Are you OK? You look all flushed....."

Logan swallows hard and sighs. "Yea ..... I ... think he did. I just didn't know at the time ... the girl he meant.... but Vincent is fantastic." he stammers.

Fiona folds her arms and frowns at Logan "What is WITH you?" She's truly baffled and then asks offhandedly "Can I see your card from him? I think he makes his own. Crafty Germans..."

Logan hesitates and, looking rather guilty, hands the envelope over without really thinking about it, assuming it is innocent.

Fiona gives Logan another odd look but then casually takes the card "Oh look he drew the old barn at Aunt Hilda' yours is so detailed. I got a sparrow, I mean a nice sparrow..." Without thinking she opens it, assuming it just says Merry Christmas inside like hers but there's quite a bit more text. As soon as she realizes she's accidentally read something VERY personal she snaps the card shut and turns red, looking both embarrassed and a little annoyed. She holds the card out to Logan blinking rapidly " he made out with me by the fence before he just whipped out the bratwurst for the barn....? Now I understand the drawing. Were you ever going to tell me about that?!"

Logan looks at Fiona the moment she mentions the barn and snatches it away to read as she mentions bratwurst. "I .... was .... yea ... um ... what can I say? I didn't know he'd just been kissing you, but ..." he blushes. "Aunt Hilda's barn got ... yea ... it was ... I mean come'on Fi ... he's cute and charming and." he looks at the card, reading it completely, his words stopping as he gives those words his complete attention.

Fiona just starts laughing and swats her brother "Oh my GOD! I never though YOU'D be my competition with a guy! Whatever, he and I weren't anything but one kiss. We didn't ask each other out, no labels...clearly he was figuring out which Reinhardt by trying a serving of two and you were the bigger spoonful....perhaps a soup bowl dessert...definitely dessert." She sighs, shaking her head and laughing and then has to ask "So it sounds like he still likes you. How do you feel about it?"

Logan's eyes grow a little wide. "FIONA!" he laughs. "Yea ... " he holds up the card, now closed. "He is thinking about going to school in Canada ...." he swallows. "And ... wants another helping." he laughs. "I mean ... I'd ... honestly like that. He's a cool guy. Just had his 18th birthday ... and you have Vincent."

Fiona grins "I'm over Kurt. He was a ridiculously good kisser you go. I might be biased...but Vincent's even better at it...and I'm not sharing this time! When is he going to be here? "

Logan sighs. "Yes ... yes he was." then shakes himself. "Well, Vincent is a little young for me. Besides I KNOW he likes you. He stayed, even though he smelled Owen's cooking." he grins. "January. When classes start ... so we'll probably see each other on campus. Maybe go have lunch ... or something ..." he shrugs. "So ... he'll have to miss our Christmas."

Fiona wiggles her brows "Or something....mmhmm. Gives you a bit of time to decide if and how or if you want to tell mom and dad. Or I can just run interference if you need it."

Logan chuckles. "Yea .... Uncle Mikey ran into me on my way out of that barn the next day ... I think he figured it out and didn't say anything to Dad." he shrugs. "Basically he only told me to be careful both sexually and otherwise, because ... well you know Uncle Mikey is a pretty classical cynic. He doesn't believe people accept homosexual behavior, they just lie about accepting it better."

Fiona muses on this "Maybe as a cop he's seen some bad stuff that way. And I do want you to be careful because of that, even though I think people who would hurt someone for who are how they love should be locked up for even thinking that way. Sadly they don't come with warning labels that would let us."

Logan nods. "He worked in a place called The Devil's Kitchen so ..... yea ... Cedar Point must be like a vacation to him." he smiles. "Yea ... they should." he sighs. "Now Grampa is in my head. I mean ... Mom and Dad and Grandma did a pretty good job of cutting his sentences off before they got a good head of steam but .... I got the idea a few times and I'm glad I didnt bring he black girl around him .. never MIND Kurt." he sighs deeply.

Fiona snickers "Yeah he's an ass. Wanna know something funny? He can't even look at me since I got all my piercings, let alone say a word to me." She makes a dramatic hand swirl around her face "THIS is an excellent filter. And he doesn't even know about my tattoo!" She bites her lip after, realizing in her candid comfort that neither did Logan yet. Sheepishly she pleads "Please don't tell Dad...Mom let me with my saved up babysitting money......."

Logan laughs. "I'm not sure I am THAT desperate yet .... yet ..." then he blinks. "Where?" he wonders. But if their mother allowed it, it couldnt be THAT bad.

Fiona shrugs off her hoodie and starts pulling up the back of her t shirt "Don't worry, it's not somewhere indecent. But I did hide it from Dad by wearing t shirts over my bathing suit this year." She turns around and show off the squashed fairy.

Logan looks and blinks. "OK ... it's pretty and all but ... Fi ... it's still a tramp stamp ... which ... I'm not sure Dad should EVER know about this." he sighs. "Why THERE?" he wonders.

Fiona pulls her shirt back down and grabs her hoodie, looking exasperated. "A tramp stamp? Logan, you? Seriously? And what do you mean why there? Why not?"

Logan sort of gapes a little bit. "That's ... just ... what ... what it's KNOWN as." he protests. "I mean .. why not on your belly ... or upper back ... or ... some OTHER wide flat place?" and they he realizes how that may sound and drops his face into his hand.

Fiona folds her arms and taps her foot "I see." She starts to take a tone he'll know well as her getting fed up defending something "For your ....information...I chose it for discretion." She gestures at her face again "These I can take out...a tattoo I cannot. So thinking ahead to the world of work, I chose my lower back because unless I become a professional lifeguard, it's not a spot a stranger could judge me for. Now strangers, I expect judgement from. They're clueless drones out in the tick tock world who care nothing for BROTHER....on the other hand...."

Logan hears the tone and rubs the back of his shaved head. "I didn't name the damn thing, Fiona." he protests. "I like it ... and .. as long as you don't WANT to become a lifeguard...." he blows out a breath. "Mom approved so I can't judge. But DAD?" he shrugs. "Does Vincent like it?" he asks, casually, hoping she will relax.

Fiona throws up her hands "Dad has 3 tattoos. Hello? Pot...kettle much....I should just tell him. And I thought Vincent was going to faint from hormones when he saw it.....shit I guess that's why they call it a tramp stamp isn't it? " She laughs but it still has an edge of anger.

Logan sighs deeply. "Not on his ... ugh ... Fiona ..." he begins and then Vincent's name comes up and, forgetting he is the one who BROUGHT him up, can't help but laugh. "Maybe, but what are the chances that if I called you a tramp in front of him, he's give me a knuckle sandwich?"

The thought of Vincent punching Logan at this very moment actually does cheer her up slightly. She smiles more genuinely "He would you know."

Logan smiles. "He'd better .. and never mind a STRANGER." he grins. "Listen Fi ... I didn't make gender stereotypes. I mean ... do't you know people who .. I dunno .. perfectly fit or don't perfectly fit? I mean .. you're dating a harp player ... that's mostly women, isn't it?"

Fiona shrugs "I guess lots of them are. You know I don't care about that stuff though. I just got annoyed that you said tramp stamp like it was a big judgement. I didn't expect that from you. Maybe I took it wrong. Or maybe I should just proudly call it a tramp stamp and reclaim it and say fuck you to the haters."

Logan sighs deeply. "Knee jerk reaction, and I'm sorry." he apologizes. "Maybe you should, but don't walk around expecting everyone to be accepting. That's a little naive for this day and age, or does that make me too much like Uncle Mikey?" he mick punches her arm, trying to lighten things. "I love you. I just don't want you to be surprised when people act like ass holes." he blows out a breath because he thinks he does indeed sound like his uncle Michael.

Fiona softens "I love you too. And I do expect people to be assholes. Uncle Mikey's trained us both that way. I'm sorry I got so mad." She walks over to Logan and leans down to hug him.

Logan hugs her back. "Well, it's alright. It's probably a good thing you can go all Feminist on people." he grins. "But of course I'm sorry I can't beat up guys to protect your honor." he rests a finger on Kurt's card. "But I CAN have a talk with this one. Not telling us he'd been with the other."

Fiona steps back and smirks "Pretty good at protecting my own honour but thanks for the thought." She glances at the card "Sometimes they're dangerous when they're that cute....goes to their head. Hopefully he's settled down.I mean unless you're both happy to play the field and it all just works." She shrugs "Maybe tell him no more relatives or friends though because that's just awkward."

Logan smiles. "You're welcome." then he nods, slowly. "A good rule and I do believe I know exactly how to get him to agree to that. We're not exclusive and won't be unless he plans to STAY in Canada. And I'm not sure ... he'll have to work pretty hard to get me to forgive him for kissing my sister." he sighs. "God, what time is it? I should probably get you home."

Fiona grabs for her phone "Oh yeah. I should get back or the packing fairies will carry me off in my sleep. I'll be so glad when we're moved in here and we can just slowly unpack!"

Logan smiles. "Enjoy. I got moved in in time to enjoy my place before Friday ... when Dad loses his mind ....." he chuckles. "Can you get home on your own or do I have to be manly and escort you?"

Fiona's eyes flash briefly and she throws a pillow at her brother "Like a FISH needs a BICYCLE!" she mock shouts "Don't make me kick your ass Logan." She picks up her backpack again "I will walk myself."

Logan laughs and moves to the door, opening it for her. "M'Lady." he intones, ready to dodge a final punch but knowing his sister will get home safely .... but sending their father and mother text messages that she's on her way once she is out of his sight.

Fiona doesn't punch but her farewell is a finger point jabbed in the air and "Hrmph!" before she turns, half grinning and half exasperated.