Sunday, February 26, 2017

Valentines Day with Owen and L

February 14th

Owen knew around when L would emerge from the dorm area and stood leaning against the wall outside, trying to look casual. He was wearing his usual trashed jeans and high tops but paired with it he had a brown thrift store suit vest and white button up shirt with tardis blue pinstripes and a clip on slightly gawdy maroon bow tie. He was holding what might be described as a potted floral arrangement if one looked at him from afar. Upon close inspection though it wasn't flowers but an assortment of things he had seen in a DIY video on Steampunk website to make a bouquet. There were brass buttons, a gear or two, a skeleton key and what looked like a few copper coloured coat hangers wound into coiled springs. The flower pot was a coffee can painted with a coppery iridescent finish.

/me has brass but rustic goggles on as he walks out the dorm room area . he has a book pinned between his body and left arm wedged in his arm pit  and is clutching rustic looking covered tablet in this right hand with.. over his shoulder is slung an aged vintage looking brown leather knapsack that has scrolls protruding from it  . he is dressed in a simple males white button up shirt  with a cravat around his neck with a simple copper embossed  dirigible with a screwdriver and a wretch crossed  behind the dirigible .brooch. his hair short brown shoulder length is style simply . his shirt is neatly tucked in some brown trousers .   he looks intently at the tablet

Owen smirks watching L and then rapid fire texts "Texting and scones? Look up."

L looks oddly as the schematics for a dirigible are cover with a notification of text as he had a SMS app that he link to his table. he text back .. no I'm plotting ways to increase the thruttle on the flanger . he say looking up as he moves his goggles from his eyes to the top of his head

Owen just chuckles and walks up to L and plants a sweet kiss right on L's lips before offering the potted eclectic non plant "Happy Valentine's Day."

L looks takes a while for his eyes to get use to sudden bright as he does  so. he blinks and 'mon Dieu is zat today say blushing brightly . 'right back attcha 'he say softly blushing  and puts the goggle aback then outs the magnifier set on the eye piece and looks 'zis is nice work , maker !' he say excitedly

Owen grins "Thanks. I saw it in a video. Maybe we can go for a treat after school too? Texting and scones.....not that it has to be scones." He curiously observes the goggles.

He zooms in the lens like magnifier  observing  the bouquet  in detail. He looks up and him  the zoom is one Owen's eyes. L beam "as esquisate as the maker. " He  smile " that would  be lovely. . He nods  "oh made u something  but I left  it in my uncle's  quarters
 He nods looking  apologetic.  I'll  bring  it wiz me on our tea and scones  date . He beams

Owen blushes "Cool. Can I walk you to class?" He reaches out his hand towards L offering to hold hands.

L puts his google back on his head it looks like simple headband now that way though  this way. It looks square  ears of some alien character

Owen grins at the cuteness of L's goggles and ears "You're adorable today." He leans over and kisses the closest cheek "Shall we?"

L smirks 'what... I'm not trying to be adorable . he looks at Owen a bit strangely 'You're lucky you're good looking ' he say seriously  and sober but blushes at his pec . 'alonsy"

Owen starts walking with L, looking a little confused "Did I...say something wrong?"

L looks back at Owen "you said I was adorable. . I'm  not  adorable " he says  in all seriousness despite he does look adorable  like that. He puffs  out his binded chest only adding to cuteness.  

Owen has to work hard not to smile and then tugs L around a corner, between a section of lockers, and attempts to lean in on him "Would you prefer I just say I think you're fuckin hot." If allowed, Owen brushes L's nose with his own teasingly but doesn't kiss just yet.

L still  holds  tight Owen's hand  as he is allowed him to lead him in a quasi private corner. L's heart is racing and he is sure Owen can hear it at the closeness as it beats faster and harder as if there is two.      "Zat... " he stuttering "is too much,maybe. ?" He asks him "but whatever" he says looking  flushed but not pained .

Owen pulls back looking worried "L....what's going on? Are you...mad at me for something? I don't know how to read you today and I feel like I'm saying all the wrong stuff. I'm sorry......." He still holds's L's hand but gives L more space hoping this isn't about to be their first and last Valentine's Day from how it seems to be going so far.

L pulls him back closer seeing worry on his handsome and kind  face and goes to kiss  his cheek. "Don't be sorry, Mon cheri." His voice soft and thick. "I won't let you and our first Valentines be ze clateral damage of my mind and body's war with each other .." he says with a blush but a determined look to his boyfriend's beautiful eyes.

Owen's worry softens " you're just having a day? I'm here for you L...whatever you need....And I'm probably about to make us late for class because I just need to...." He closes his eyes and leans his forehead against L's "Say it. Whatever mode you're in..." He opens his eyes looking deeply into L's "I love you."

L blinks looking shocked  and taken a bit his face flushed . It was if he could  swear time frozen. His mind was going at the speed of light and sound. His heart  beating as if there were two if them.  His brain failing him and at the same time kicking  him in higher  gear  . He just  goes grabs Owen by the bow  tie and attempt  to plant hard kiss  on the gingerman lips.

Owen shivers and lightly moans into the kiss and returns it with equal intensity. His hand lets go of L's but his arms wrap around L's waist and slides up L's back as his body moves forward resting into L's. The bell rings and he doesn't even hear it, lost in the kiss and the feeling of finally confessing the big scary feelings that have been consuming him for awhile.

L hold tight to Owen's bow tie as he deeps the kiss  his heart racing. He  clutches  his tablet tightly . This time his feels time speeding up around the room spinning like blue timey top. people rushing around in fast forward  alarms going off . when it actuality it's just the bell and the usual high school rush for classes before they were counted tardy .  He continues kissing holding on to his key.. to his heart his soul.. his amour .  His eyes close tightly to block the sounds and sight to where it was just him and Owen in the vacuum of space and time . 'He feels a flash of light. It and the intensity of the kiss leaves him light headed, confused and daringly .. very daring .. ' His eyelids open a fraction just enough to see a very confusing sight an all pink cupid dress styled bubbly blonde girl  with fat curls like of a doll and his worst nemesis in all gray  with a sash that reads hall monitor  tearing down the hallway

Owen mouth is relentless on L's as his fingers grip the fabric of L's shirt in the heat of the passion. His breath is coming fast and he lets out the odd little grunt as he presses even harder against L, reacting to L's kiss. At some point he has a vague awareness of a flash of light behind the cover of his eyelids and opens them to see the end of the flash. His back is to the source but he hears the footfalls retreating. Almost painfully, he pulls back from the moment and blinks "What was that?" He looks like he's recovering from a 100 yard dash as he lets one hand come up to caress L's neck and the side of his face, trying to catch his breath "The light?"

L breathes heavily  looking back him slightly aroused by the awkward tantalizing grunt of pleasure the utters out of his boyfriend pleased that  his companion enjoy it as much as he did .  he head spins as he get his bearings  and he looks up into Owens face and leans into his caresses . he looks at Owen with confused but heavily concentrate as he comes back to earth .He  tip toes to get a look over Owen just  at see a flutter of the end of pink  fabric disappear. "It looks like a doll 'he say  shaking his head . he just looks at Owen vaguely as Mortimer  in a nasally monotone voice 'no Kissing in my hallway 'he say as he pulls out a his handy not so dandy  pink tardy and hall infraction notepad ' And the bell rang five minutes ago  .

Owen turned and scoffed at Mortimer "Seriously? Kissing is an infraction? Who are we hurting? And dude it's Valentine's might see some kissing!" He gave Mortimer one raised eyebrow and made a point of just kissing L again.

L bites his lip stifling a laughs but shaking with laughter and has to lean into Owen shoulder burying himself in his boyfriends shoulder .  the tall thin  young teen 'well .. we[el 'he just stammers as he watches with a raised eyebrow 'its PDA .. and  PDA  .. is ' he say looking at his rule  book  flipping through ' well your cause a scene,and your late to class ' he looks around to the few stranglers making it to class but an otherwise empty hallway  'and you're clogging up the hall'he manages weakly ' he scribble up the tardy slip s and start to hand them to the kissing couple.

L just is in a state of laugh  when he is swept up  and kisses back Owen  even harder 'Mon Dieu ' he say breathless into  L  like a scene right outta some french romance film '

Mortimer just keeps poking L in the back with the limp tardy slips

L just keeps kissing Owen tightly holding on to him wishing Mortimer mother-ship would just beam him up already

Owen kisses L a little longer and then breaks it and sighs at Mortimer "Save a tree, we're going." He reaches for L's hand again to head to classes.

L wait for Owen  at coffeehouse , Sighs..  dodging Mortimer second attempt to ticket in for just being in love, Love .. was that what this was? Owen had said it to him.. Why couldn't he say it back.? He did care for him . Did he actually love him?  L looks out the window sighing and thinking . Love.. his parents .. when he saw them..  if  he saw them  said they loved him. L wasn't sure he believed them anymore. He wasn't sure who to believe. . He sighs again. He knew  though Uncle Hikari loved him . That man is single and could be off enjoy his freedom but chooses to be here with Him , teaching to help pay for his tuition and always a parental like ear. So love is possible..

Owen stumbles in the door and trips over one of his own clunky feet. Seeing L in view he tries to play it off as intentional and does a swanky little finger point and then gets almost knocked off his feet again for not moving out of the way of the door fast enough before it opens. He laughs at himself and contritely goes to sit with L "No comments please. How was the rest of your day?" He leans down offering a peck on the lips.

L is a bit too caught up in thinking  doesn't even see all that . he vaguely recognizes he is being spoken to so deep in thought. he  hears a soft comforting voice muffle and then get kiss . he goes into fight or flight mode and swats the person ..a second to late realize  it was Owen . he look up apologetically

Owen gets swatted and looks a little hurt and confused "" He looks at the chair nearby but doesn't sit yet, not sure if he's welcome to do so after that.

L looks at him as he realize what he has done wide eyed  and pulls Owen close  and kisses him back  hard

Owen kisses L back, now totally confused but distracted by the kiss too. It was confusing for sure, hot, but confusing. Finally he pulls back "L, if I'm doing something REALLY wrong here, please tell me so I can stop OK?" He sits down, finally, taking L's hand in his.

L sighs softly holding his hand tightly 'its not you ... its me.. you're the sweetness most patient person wizz me 'he  looks into Owen's eyes as he sighs softly "you're doing nozing wrong.. its just that..... 'he sighs softly and continues 'I'm barely getting use to fact that people love me.. 'he blushes.. 'i know uncle "ikari does but .. I've I don't think my parents do...'he blushes 'or way would they just say away from me 'he say stifling  with the mixed emotions ' he sigh softly '

Owen has a look of dawning "Oh....THAT's what I said..." He chuckles a bit "L, you don't think your parents love you?" He looks both worried and disbelieving and then scoots closer, putting an arm around L and switching the hand he's holding L's with the other to be closer "I'm sure they do. Even if they're not...good at it..." He sighs.

L just pulls him in  close to him 'ze why.. are ze gone all ze time.. I'm zat bad of a person zat they have to be gone all ze time..'he bites his lip' he says burying his head in his boyfriends shoulder. 'I glad you love me..' he sniffles softly

Owen runs his fingers through L's hair, trying to comfort. He kisses the side of L's head and snuggles his face in "Me too L. and I do love you. I didn't realize saying it would bring up all this sad stuff though. I'm sorry."

L sniffles again.. and cuddles into him 'you kidding .. you ze best thing zat  as ever appen to me 'he say wiping a tear .. 'he  goes to kiss him ' I... 'he say soft. 'I love.. you.. too..'he say slowly and looks at him deeply

Owen kisses L back and then melts at the words and just hugs L fiercely after for a long time.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Vincent's Valentine's Birthday - Vincent, Fiona, Darcy and Marianne

Vincent woke on the morning of his 15th birthday feeling better than he had in a long time.  Part of it was that, also being Valentine's day, he could allow the old saints day to allow people to forget that it was also his birthday.  He was not one who liked the attention of a birthday and had asked that it not be acknowledged by too many people.  The question was always; would that be respected.  As it turned out, it was and he had gone through the school day as if it were any other.  Now, after school, he wanted only to go home and spend some time with Fiona before Darcy got off of work and they had a nice dinner and a movie to celebrate.

Fiona had slipped Vincent various morose Valentine's during the day, including a heart shaped picture of a human heart, but was leaving his birthday stuff until the end, since he didn't want other people bugging him with it at school. She met him at the doors and kissed him once again with her rebel against the Hallmark bullshit black lipstick "If I leave a mark you can just tell people I was sucking your soul out of your body. Hello Minstrel...did you have a good day so far? I really wanted to bring you cupid's head in a bag but the cold storage in this building is sadly lacking."

Vincent accepted the kiss and laughs.  "I tell them you make sure it's long gone.  But I don't mind a bit being marked.."  he nods.  "So far, so good."  he admits.  "But I really just want to go home and relax."  he grins and waves at Addison as she goes past towards her home.

Fiona grinned at Addy and blew a kiss. Addy knew the deal with Vincent wanting discretion about the b word. But she dare not say it that way to her knee pad gifting smart mouthed bestie. She took Vincent's hand and walked with him "You're the boss today Birthday Boy." She walked with him to his apartment, since that was the plan. His gift was safely tucked in her backpack.

Vincent walks with her.  "Yes, but no one knows."  he rubs his hands together.  "I hide behind that crazy diapered baby, who runs around shooting people all day while I celebrate in peace."  he laughs and opens his door when they get to it, dropping his bag and taking off his coat and shoes.  He looks around and, as always, the curtains are drawn.

Fiona takes off her outdoor stuff too and slips into the bathroom and washes  off the black lipstick. She walks out with a wash cloth and comes at Vincent with it "Ok I'm over this.." She grins "Is Darcy still at work for a bit?"

Hours fly by like minutes and they scramble a little as they hear Darcy’s key in the lock. Fiona is shifting and trying to move off Vincent’s lap but her foot gets stuck. The door opens and Darcy walks in as Fiona is still half on top of him and laughs nervously "I totally lost my pen in the couch...can you believe it?"

Darcy just looks at them both and shakes her head "Uh huh...I'll be in the kitchen...not looking...while you find that....."

Vincent can't scramble too much and effectively gets tangled in Fiona.  "Hey Darcy mom."  he basically has to lay on the couch and think cold thoughts.  "Um .. how was work?"  he knows they've been busted making out on the couch before, but he always has the same reaction.  Darcy really IS like a mom to him.

Fiona moves to sit very politely with her legs crossed and her hands in her lap now, listening to the conversation.

Darcy moved around the kitchen, putting groceries away "Ugh...slow day, data entry....not much to tell...Do you kids want tacos or kebabs? I have stuff for either..."

Vincent flips himself over so fast its as if he's been like that all day.  He peers over the couch and into the kitchen.  "Kebabs, please."  he requests.  "And points for not cooking even though technically it's my day to cook."  he smiles.

Darcy happily starts setting up to make kebabs "It's your cooking for you. I don't think I have to twist Fiona's arm to sit on your lap and stop you if you try." She teases and looks at Fiona.

Fiona blushes but nods "Agreed. But while he's behaving, can I help Darcy?"

Darcy smiles "Sure, come here and chop some things for the salad Fi."

Just then, there's a knock at the door. Darcy looks puzzled and then goes to answer. It's her twin sister, Marianne, decked to the nines and perfectly made up. She's holding a gift bag and beaming like she's about to burst into song in a  Broadway musical.

"Mari?" Darcy laughs and hugs her "Did you come all this way for Vincent's birthday?"

Marianne steps in "Well yes....Hi Vinnie..." She waggles her fingers "But not for the whole night, just a drop in. I kinda have a date....or am surprising one." She says with a wink and then looks in the kitchen "Oh! The girlfriend! Hi Fiona! I'm Aunt Mari!"

Vincent laughs and finally is able to sit on the couch as Fi starts moving, touching his hand to hers as she passes.  He looks at the door, also and smiles to see Mari there.  "Wow!"  he hops the couch and goes to give her a hug.  "Well you surprised me.  I know, I'm an antisocial hermit."  he nods at Mari's introduction.  She had beaten him to it.

Marianne hugs Vincent with her perfuming upper body and laughs "She's as pretty a your pictures."

Fiona blushes a little and laughs "Hi and thank you. It's nice to meet you."

Darcy steps back and then hands Fiona a bag of tomatoes, a knife and a cutting board "Washed and diced please. Mari, who's this date you're surprising?"

Marianne evades the question and thrusts the bag out to Vincent's chest "Presents! I remember how you liked the clothes at Christmas so I'm a one trick pony now." Inside is a nice mottled knit hooded sweater and a pair of matching socks.

Vincent smiles.  "Yea.  She makes me look good."  he says of Fiona and takes the bag, looking inside.  "Nice."  he holds he sweater up and then reaches in for the socks, holding them up like a trophy.  "SOCKS!  I love socks!!"  he embraced his Dobbyness before Dobby even existed.  He hugs Mari and looks curious.  "But yea ....  who you dating?  Someone in Alexandra?"  since the island wasn't really a place someone just 'Dropped by'.

Marianne sighs and looks at Darcy "Well it's a little awkward but I may as well tell you now. I've had some dates with Sam, your friend from work. He's the sweetest guy I've met in years. I was going to just order two glasses of red wine and text him to meet me at that Mariner's hotel bar...."

Darcy drops the next cutting board she's taken out looking at Mari incredulously "You mean Sam...Wright? He's not just my friend from work...he's my closest friend from long has this been going on?!"

Fiona's mouth forms an O and she just quietly dices. Awkward.

Vincent gapes a second before he grasps his new socks and sweater.  "I ..... think I need to hang these up ...."  he says awkwardly, heading for his room.  He was having a hard time picturing Mari with Sam Wright.

Marianna sighs at Darcy "Oh come on Darc....I dunno since the holidays..."

Darcy picks up the cutting board and then exhales loudly at her sister.

Fiona keeps cutting and wishes she had socks to put away too.

Vincent puts the things away and comes back in the room, wandering into the kitchen and stealing a tomato and a kiss from Fiona.  "Officer Wright seems nice."  he says, a little bit confused why Darcy seems a little put out  Then again this was her friend her sister was dating.  That was bound to get awkward.

Fiona looks happy for the distraction of Vincent and kisses him back, a tomato flavoured moment, before looking between the sisters.

Darcy sighs "OK, you're adults. I don't want details but do what you will. You know...he's not...monogamous right? Don't get in over your head Mari.."

Marianne waves her off "I know that. We're fine. It's fun. I know what I'm doing Darce....." She looks at Vincent "He is nice, and I'm going to go. But YOU Vinnie, have a fabulous birthday." She blows him and Fiona a little kiss and then waggles her fingers. "Don't wait up.."

Vincent arches his brows at the mention that Sam wasn't monogamous.  He knew the word, of course, but he becomes concerned because even he knows Mari needs a one woman man.  He waves at her.  "Thank you Aunt Mari."  he all but sings as she leaves, but looks after her with clear concern in his face and eyes.

Mari is out the door in no time and Darcy sighs "I really hope that doesn't blow up in her face......I'm not going to get involved.........ok cucumber now Fiona. You get it. You have brothers..."

Fiona sets aside the tomatoes and nods knowingly "Oh yes......same shit different pile. The youngest one's a bit of a wild card....but not with my friends so far....."

Vincent looks at the closed door, curious.  "That could blow up something awful."  he murmurs and turns towards the cooks ... hovering.

Darcy nods but then looks hopeful "Sam is nice. He won't hurt her on purpose. But I know Kitty comes first with him, and it's Valentine's Day...damn...I should have stopped her....but maybe she needs to hear it from him."

Fiona winces "Oh.....poor Mari...." She dices the cucumber.

Vincent arches his brows.  "The lady that runs the condom shop, right?"  he sounds amazed.  Kitty got the attention of quite a few of the guys at school.  He's never been in the shop, but he's seen her.  She looked incredibly sophisticated to him.

Darcy nods as she arranges chicken on skewers now "Yeah....tall you could swim in....sorry....not that Mari's not it selfish that i don't want a close male friend getting intimate with someone who basically has MY face?" She laughs "Even if Mari is fine with the whole many partners thing....I just feel like it will be weird at work. And I hope she's OK."

Fiona stops chopping and think about it "You do look different, but yeah the faces....."

Vincent goggles a bit.  "Hair you can SWIM in?"  he blinks and laughs a little.  "But Mari' face..." he sighs.  "All that .. make up."  he blows out a breath and then smirks.  "Well if she's dating Sam, maybe you can date Kitty."  and then he covers his eyes with his hands.  "OH my eyes!  My eyes!  Hysterical blindness!"

Darcy blushes and laughs "I like the way you think but not gonna happen....still too close to my buddy...and now my sister.....gawd. No bleaching of the eyeballs required...."

Fiona just laughs "You guys are hilarious. Cucumbers done, give me more to chop please."

Vincent drops the act.  "As long as I don't see it on my favorite porn site."  he smiles, innocently, still hovering.

Darcy winces "I'm going to pretend I Didn't just hear you say that kid....." She tosses an onion at Fiona gently so it's an easy catch.

Fiona elbows Vincent and laughs "If I talked that way to my parents....." She exhales..."Ok my mom would laugh." She catches the onion  and combines the cucs with the tomato to clear a board.

Vincent leans on a counter.  "Well .. a wince is ALMOST a smile."  and he looks at Fiona.  "Your dad would probably stroke out.  Then again he wouldn't entertain thoughts of Kitty."

Darcy smiles "Sorry spoke my mind a little too much for you. Blame Mari..." She laughs a bit.

Fiona chops up the onion and looks at Vincent "Hey single parent means she's single and can look all she likes." She smiles at Darcy and Darcy laughs.

Vincent moves to hug Darcy.  "That's OK ... now I have something for the therapy sessions I'm going to wind up in."  he winks and nods.  "I know that, but .. my mother and Kitty Carmichael."  it took him all this time to remember her last name.  "That's ... Freudian...."

Darcy hugs him back and laughs "Oh geez."

Fiona gestures in the air with the knife "Wait a YOU have the hots for Kitty?" She doesn't look jealous, just amused "Maybe I should start wearing taller boots and curling my hair..."

Vincent looks at Fiona, shaking his head.  "No!  Kitty is ... not my type."  he shrugs.  "I don't like all ..."  he holds his hands far away from his chest.  "That, for one.  And she ... I don't know.  I couldn't share like Sam does.  I guess I'm just ... monogamous."  he admits.

Fiona grins broadly "I know you are, I was just teasing Minstrel. And I couldn't pull off that rack without surgery..." She says laughing and then looks curiously at Darcy "OK I have to ask....your sister..."

Darcy finishes it for Fiona "Has implants, yep. It's messed up. She had three surgeries too....the body often rejects them so it was a stupid amount of money for vanity....and now she sees a chiropractor. Best not to over-analyze."

Vincent smiles at Fiona, but sighs once Darcy speaks.  "They look painful.  Why do women do that?"  he asks and then backtracks.  "Guys like Gino and Joey."  he moves to the fridge and pulls out a yellow pepper, hefting it as if he were planning to eat it like an apple, which he often does.

Fiona rolls her eyes and nods "Yep....and the fashion industry, and movies. Women are bombarded with the idea that our bodies aren't good enough to meet some ridiculous standard. You should be underweight, but with huge's completely unrealistic. and i am glad you're nothing like that Vincent."

Darcy nods "Me too Fiona. Mari was always every affected by all that. She's been on a diet off an on since she was about 10 years old....She stuffed her bras through high school and then as soon as she could, she had surgery."

Vincent bites into the pepper as if he's starving.  "I love your body, Fi."  he comments.  "And I wish Aunt Mari loved her own."  he sighs a little and goes to the trash to pull out the top and seeds of the sweet pepper.  "She can be happy then."  he seems to remember something.  "OH, by the way.  I got a passing grade on my French test."

Darcy gives Vincent a curious look when he tells Fiona he loves her body, in front of her. Maybe his chaste stance on all things was shifting, they were that age after all. she replies about the test "Right on kid." And then dumps her spice rub on the kebabs.

Fiona feels her cheeks go hot but is amused by Vincent eating a  pepper like an apple. "Thanks. Hopefully it all works out for her.

Vincent nods.  "Danke."  he teases Darcy by replying in German.  He watches them a little bit and then wanders off to his harp, finishing the pepper as he does.  Sitting on the stool, he tunes and plays a whole lot of beautiful nothing, occasionally glancing up and watching them cook.  He's completely content.

Fiona enjoys Vincent's beautiful nothing. It relaxes her so much she works at a slower pace, but Darcy seems to slow too as there's really no hurry. She gets handed herbs next and chops them while Darcy puts on quinoa to cook and puts the kebabs in the oven.

Darcy smiles at Vincent, so grateful to have him in her life, to have this reason to celebrate him and them. She's happy to include Fiona. they're not the type of teens who shun adults from their lives but keep the dialogues happening and she's so glad.

Vincent doesn't think, he just plays.  It is relaxing and beautiful and, even though random, reflects this day for him. he glances up watching Fiona and Darcy and is glad they are the only two people here.  The two single most important people in his life, as far as he is concerned.  Not a big party where he'd never be able to relax.

Soon the salad is made and set in the fridge. It's tabbouleh salad of course with quinoa. the kebabs are cooking and Darcy pours herself a glass of wine and Vincent and Fi each a coke and sits down on the couch to just listen.

Fiona gives Vincent a light kiss on the temple as she passes him to go join Darcy and do the same. She looks at the curtains, almost considering opening them, almost.

Vincent considers and then actually stops playing when they are on the couch.  He moves into his room and comes out a minute later with his electric lyre, which until now neither of them has seen.  he plugs it in and begins to play on it sort of pacing between them, letting the tunes reach them.  Serenading them, but mostly Fiona.

Fiona smiles sweetly at Vincent playing with her as the focus and just watches him with absolute love.

Darcy enjoys the music and doesn't mind Fiona being the center of it. She's happy, so happy that her boy is this happy with anyone. It's a gift to his life and she knows it. She relaxes and listens and sips her wine.

Vincent does what he loves with the people he loves the most.  He shows off a little bit, as he's experimented in private when is home totally alone.  It isn't exactly like an electric guitar, but in some ways, he thinks it's better.  He plays a favorite song of Fiona's, then one of Darcy's and then back to Fiona.

Fiona's so at ease right now with Vincent she starts to sing along to the ones that are for her. They combine well together of course and she gets to sort of serenade him back that way.

Darcy just floats away. It couldn't be a nicer night with music in their home and happy people. When the oven timer goes off, she frowns at it and then laughs to go check the kebabs. They're done of course so she starts puttering around and arranging plates.

Vincent plays happily while Fiona sings, loving their duet.  She is more social than he is, but she can adapt, he feels to the hermit inside of him.  He finishes the song the oven timer interrupts and then put the harp aside and waits for dinner to be served.

Darcy puts the plates on the table and says "OK come and eat food. Thank you for the music."

Fiona goes to sit and smiles "And thank you for the food Darcy." She beams at Vincent "I hope it was OK I just chimed in there with you?"

Vincent moves to the table eagerly and when Fiona sits he kisses her cheek.  "It was perfect.  The whole DAY has been perfect for me."  and he sits, eager to eat.

Darcy smiled sweetly at Vincent and served up everyone before she sat "Don't be shy kids..." She said just before her first bite.

Fiona gave Vincent a loving look and dug in too and then pointed at the salad "Oh my god I LOVE this!"

Vincent digs in and moans.  "Darcy Mom is a GREAT cook."  he praises her, eating as if he missed lunch or something.

Darcy beams at the compliment "Thanks kid."

Fiona nods "Clearly we're all about the food."

Vincent chuckles.  "Hey.  Food is life."  he points out between bites.  "And if the food is good, even better."  he shrugs.  "I like well fed people."  he nods.

Fiona picks up a kebab "Working on it Baby." She jokes before a big bite.

Darcy lets her eyes shift to Fiona and back to Vincent. Terms of endearment, cute and curious. She wondered if Fiona heard those between her parents at home.

Vincent grins and holds up a kebab.  "Good.  No fad diets and and ... none of that.  No."  he moves the kebab towards his mouth.  "Why do I think our first fight will involve food?"  he  grins.

Fiona looks at Vincent sweetly and keeps eating. Technically they'd had their first fight, if the Kurt thing counted. But it had ended with I love you so it was also in the end one of the best things they'd been through or at least gotten to.

Darcy laughed "Don't fight over food. Just cut it in half if you need to if there's one of something."

Fiona scoffs "You didn't grow up with brothers. In my house you find something good, you eat it fast. Or it's gone."

Vincent remembers the fight, but didn't want to mention it. He's still very ashamed of his reaction.  "We can do that, but I think between the two of us, we'll always have food.  Maybe not exactly what we want but ... not going REALLY hungry."  he looks over at Fiona and the at Darcy.  "Yea.  It's kind of frantic there come mealtime."  he laughs.

Darcy laughs "I can imagine."

Fiona giggles "This is blessedly quiet."

Vincent happily eats and sits back after a while.  "Best. Birthday.  Ever."  he sighs in contentment.  "I even got socks."  he teases.

Darcy grins "I still have a gift for you but it's sadly not more socks, and a little boring and practical."

Fiona smiles "Sometimes those are the most needed."

Vincent perks up a bit.  "Boring and practical works for me."  he grins.  "Can I have it?"  he sounds so young and eager.

Darcy sticks her tongue out at Vincent and laughs and then stands and walks into her room to bring back a small gift bag. She puts it on the table and sits back down.

Fiona looks curiously at it as she finishes her kebab.

Vincent takes the bag and opens it, then laughs.  "SCORE!"  he takes out harp strings and a loaded ferry path.  "But I wouldn't call this boring.  Igor needs strings and the pass ... more excitement off island with Fiona."  he winks.  "Unless your afraid of losing us on the mainland."

Darcy shakes her head and smiles "So far so good. You two seem to know how to venture off safely so I'm not worried."

Fiona nods "We do need to share our conversion of all the masses to do our bidding around. Alexandra's compliant now, and Cedar Point is under our mind control finally. they just don't know it yet. One more Halloween ought to do it." she smiles evilly.

Vincent laughs and looks at Darcy.  "When I master the magic lyre, we will soon take over the whole of British Columbia.  You will be mother to the King.  I will give you a fine house and ... I may even buy Aunt Mari the body of her choice ...."  he considers.  "Or therapy.  One of them."

Darcy mock frowns "That's it. Give me that ferry card...." she laughs."And definitely therapy. I'm a fan of it."

Fiona giggles "Noted. Ooooh Theta, we have to conquer that island too. All those old Greeks....we'll break ALL the dishes!!!" She thinks of dishes and looks at her plate like she wants to lick it and then asks "Is there any more salad?"

Darcy gets up, laughing "Don't break our dishes....I'll feed you more. There's more of everything. I'll bring it to the table." She walks around the counter and grabs the kebab pan and the salad bowl and sets then on the table.

Fiona heaps more tabbouleh onto her plate and digs in "Mmmmm!"

Vincent laughs, but holds his new ferry card to his chest like a beloved child.  "MINE!"  he mock pouts.  "But yea .. therapy is okay."  he looks at the door for a moment, thinking of his aunt and hoping her dinner went well.  Not everyone liked surprises.  But he is distracted by more kebabs.  "Food!"  he proclaims and takes two more.

Darcy smiles at the kids and then is about to reach for another kebab when her phone rings on the kitchen island and she gets up to grab it "Hey.....Mari....." She pauses and lets out a big sigh "Oh you want me to come meet you?" Her face looks pained now "Ok, you're on it already....Mari I'm sorry. Do you want to call me when you get home?" She blows out another breath, running a hand through her hair which then drops to the back of her hip "No no it's fine, please call me. We're not going out....OK....I love you. Get home safe." She hangs up and just looks at her phone sadly.

Fiona was giggling at Vincent and then her smile falls as she overheard Darcy and Marianne's conversation from the one side. "Uh oh..." She says quietly to Vincent.

Vincent is happily chewing when the call comes in.  Swallowing he sighs and looks at Darcy.  "What happened?"  he asks, concerned, setting the kebab down and preparing for the worst, as is his habit.

Darcy pockets the phone "She was surprising Sam, but he had other plans with Kitty. I kinda figured she would get Valentines Day...I guess now she knows..." She sighs and sits "Awkward and unfortunate."

Fiona nods sadly "Wouldn't be a lifestyle I could take on. Is she Ok?"

Darcy shrugs "She will be, eventually."

Vincent winces and sighs.  "Hopefully ... maybe ... Aunt Mari won't go for someone who is ... what is it?  Polyamorous or a swinger or whatever he is?"  he sighs.  "I like them both but ...."  he looks over at Darcy.  "I wish she felt better about herself."  he finishes.

Darcy looks tiredly at Vincent "Me too. Sadly you can't just give someone confidence..."

Fiona nods "Yeah. It's like Daisy, but hopefully less fucked up in Marianne's case. I mean at least she has a loving family."

Vincent nods slowly in agreement with both of them.  "And at least ...."  he pauses and looks at Darcy, worried.  "Sam uses protection, doesn't he?  I mean Aunt Mari couldn't be ...."  he doesn't finish the sentence.

Darcy shakes her head vigorously "I'm sure Sam's careful, and my sister is the birth control queen. She doesn't want any babies."

Fiona listens to Vincent's concern in his voice and realizes how deeply he cares for his new family. She hopes for the best for Marianne too of course but not as personally.

Vincent nods to himself.  "But why? I mean .. she wants the one ...with a capitol T and O ... so .. why Sam."  he shakes his head.  "I'm sorry, I just don't ... get it."  he sighs and begins to pick at his food again.

Darcy thinks about it and then replies "She's lonely. He's charming. She may have settled because it was nice. We can't always predict the path of the heart. I'm sure he was nice about it. They just want different things. And if he wasn't nice, he'll hear about it from me." She wiggles an eyebrow.

Fiona looks sideways at Darcy and then back at Vincent.

Vincent nods.  "And me."  he isn't really in a position to do anything about Sam, even though they were both small, but that's how he felt about it.  Then he sat up straighter.  "Come on.  We better eat.  Eventually I'm going to have to take you home."  he looks at Fiona, sounding like that is the last thing he really wants to do.

Fiona gives Vincent a little frown and eats more of her salad.

Darcy looks between them and smiles "It will be what it is. I may take the call in my room if she calls back so you two pick a movie or something if you want. I'm on dishes."

Vincent sees the frown and concentrates on finishing his food.  He looks at her.  "Movie?"  he asks a little confused by the frown.

Darcy shrugs "I mean on iTunes on the TV? Or we can feed the laptop through and do Google play...if Fiona 's allowed to stay that late on a weeknight?"

Fiona nods "My parents know it's Vincent's birthday."

Vincent finished his food and nods.  "I'm glad them make exceptions for me."  he grins a little more confidently now, but waits on Fiona.

Fiona finishes and smiles "They like you Vincent. Don't worry. Darcy are you sure I can't help with dishes?"

Darcy waves her off "Nope....go...chill together. I've got this."

Vincent smiles.  "I like them, too."  he replies and stands to get his laptop and plug it into the television with the HDMI cable.  He'll move to the couch with snuggling on his mind while they decide on something to watch.

Fiona watches Vincent tinker and then snuggles into him, happy to watch anything as long as she can just stay in his arms. She noses into his neckline and murmurs "Happy Valentines Birthday Minstrel."

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sunday Brunch RP Feb 5th - Zilpha, Martha and Millie

 Martha Bloom toddles up fascinated by a bird flying off like a small child full of wonder.

 Zilpha Ainsworth comes around to the Aqua Shack and sees Martha coming around the corner. She comes up and smiles. "Hello, Martha. Are yo here for brunch, too?"

Martha Bloom looks taken aback "Brunch....oh..." She looks at the restaurant like that's not why she came here at all but then smiles "Yes....let's. I was following the bird..." She drifts towards the door now to go in.

 Zilpha Ainsworth opens the door for her ad they are met by a young, tall and handsome waiter in a simple shirt, jeans and long black apron ties around his waist. He smiles and heads them to a table. "Can I get you ladies some coffee or orange juice?" Zilpha smiles and nods. "Yes, dear. Both." she sits and leads Martha to as well,looking at her and then reaching fora piece of lint on Martha's sweater.

Martha Bloom bats her eyelashes at the handsome man and then sits, not noticing the lint removal "Well it's teeming with lovely lads at least. I like orange juice too." She turns to Zilpha now "How are you dear?"

 Zilpha Ainsworth watches the brunch crowd. "I'm doing well. Thought I would try and let a new clerk do a little work. The kids, you know. And take myself out of my own kitchen and let someone cook for me." she removes another piece of lint. "What about you, dear. I haven't seen the fire truck at your place. Did you and that young fireman have a fight?"

Martha Bloom smiles and then thinks about it "Which fireman do you mean?" Now she looks at her sweater as the lint goes "I do like that Hank....but he's taken a fancy to my niece. Gareth is much too young unfortunately.....but Judith is....well maybe they've been dating for years. What year is it Zilpha? Is it the Y2K? They do keep on about that don't they?"

Zilpha Ainsworth nods. "Yes, that Hank." her eyes go wide. "Has he been with your niece? Oh that is sweet. He is such a nice neat young man. And that Gareth.. oh to be ten years younger .. well... 40 maybe." she giggles and looks kindly at Martha. "It's 2017 now, dear." she glances at the menu. "Oh ... crab quiche! That sounds nice." she brushes imaginary dust off of the table as the waiter returns with their drinks. Zilpha examines her glass very closely before sipping the sweet juice.

Martha Bloom perks up "Oh I'll have that too. I do love quiche. My Judith makes a good one....asparagus, sausage, peppers and mushrooms. Oh yes the new year.....that Millie took a swim. I wanted to go too but they said I'd catch cold. Rotters..." She sees the brushing and the checking and asks "Are you looking for the spiders? There are two you know...."

Zilpha Ainsworth smiles. "Oh that sounds delicious too." she hands the menus back and the waiter arches his brows at him before he bows and departs. "Oh not, just .. very dusty." her eyes widen. "Spiders? Oh good lord! I haven't seen any. Don't know if my poor heart could stand it."

Martha Bloom runs her finger along the table and comes up with no dust on her fingers "This side seems fine....maybe it's crumbs. Dusting is such a boring chore." She beams at the waiter as he bows "Adorable." She turns back to Zilpha "They seem very tame. Big ones though, hairy don't like them Zilpha? Just call Hank. He'll know what to do....."

Zilpha Ainsworth sighs. "I just like it clean. You've seen my bakery. Cleanest kitchen in British Columbia." she proclaims. "Yes, they do find some dears." she agrees and her eyes widen. "Big hairy spiders. Oh ... they'll shed all over town. No I don't like spiders .. or animals that shed. I'll SCREAM for Hank. Or maybe Adum Brate. Oh! Did you read the notice on the board? Chief Brate is going to become MAYOR Brate and that cute Frank Sewid is retiring. I never thought I'd live to see THAT day."

Martha Bloom smiles "I do like your pastries. I'm not sure if a spider would shed.....not like a cat....we should look it up on a computer. Do you have a computer? Kid's have all these screens now.....they baffle me, the small ones. Oh yes I did know about Fred. And he's still alive. I checked. Adum's a nice boy.....he'll help the spiders I'm sure."

Zilpha Ainsworth beams. "Thank you, my dear Martha." she nods. "I have a laptop computer in my desk. I can store recipes on it better than in a cabinet. But I always come back to the old favorites. Those small screens are beyond me, though." she nods. "More than THAT ... he has a GIRLFRIEND. It's all horribly romantic. Someone to watch him after all these years he's watched over us."
Millie.Cross  comes in after a brisk Sunday morning walk around the island "Hi girls sorry about the time I got distracted when I passed by the gym this morning."

Martha Bloom replies to Ziplha as she smiles at Millie, seeing her come in "Fred? Has a girlfriend? Well good for him, and her. ah love...." She giggles at Millie "The gym you say? Lovely place." She looks out the window "I followed a bird, a magpie....we're having quiche now. Will you join us?"

 Zilpha Ainsworth giggles as Millie comes in. "Which means you stopped in, eh?" she shakes her head. "well they DO have fine carrot juice." she grins and looks at Martha. "Yes .. and she can't POSSIBLY hurt his disposition. He's one of those who wears a bad temper like armor. Not like .. some people." she thinks of her husband rarely, but he invades now. "Yes join us for quiche, Millie. How are you and your yoga classes? Have you gotten your foot stuck in your ear yet?"

Millie.Cross  laughs " No not yet on the foot in the ear although I almost got it stuck in the instructor's rear a few times when she went on with that sappy new age junk, and oh yes I would Love some quiche right about now my proteins are depleted."
Martha Bloom nods slowly "Yoga....I did that a few times....Judith likes it. There's been talk of a senior's class at the community center. I like the dance classes though and Stevie Wonder....whatever happened to Stevie Wonder? Is he alive?"

Zilpha Ainsworth laughs. "What the hell IS this New Age? The only dinosaurs around here are us."she snorts and thinks. "You know something, I think Stevie Wonder is indeed still alive. I haven't heard about him in I don't now how long."

Millie.Cross " Yes Lil Stevie's still Kicking although I do Miss Ray Charles and the Rayettes They always put on a great show ., sad all the good ones are starting to go now but They wont take me without a fight."

Martha Bloom looks relieved "Oh I'm so glad about Stevie...." She looks out the window again "Soon...we'll get the daffodils back and nicer weather for the spiders and cats. I wonder if they'll have babies. I could have sworn they were mating......"

Zilpha Ainsworth sighs. "I adore the spring." she confesses. "Oh Martha ... spiders and cats can't reproduce together, you silly goose." she reaches for another ball of lint only she can see on Millie's sweater.

Millie.Cross chuckles " That would be a sight to see," she states shaking her head " Cats and spiders don't bother me much but dogs on the other hand..." she makes a dramatic pause " Dog's can get annoying."

Martha Bloom giggles "Not the cats and spiders together...the spiders together. I don't mind

Zilpha Ainsworth smiles. "Oh DOGS are another thing .. the short haired ones. There is one who jumps on me and tries to lick my face!" she exclaims as the quiche comes out delivered by tall dark and handsome. "As if I weren't clean enough." she sniffs. "Well if the spiders reproduced here'd be MORE of them, wouldn't there." she sighs at the mention of piddling in purse sand picks up her fork.

 Millie.Cross  smiles and the quiche gets served she looks at the young waiter like a cougar ready to pounce but thinks the better of it and decides that he most likely has been claimed by the other two already . "Mmm that smells divine."

Martha Bloom looks delighted by the quiche and gives the waiter a twinkly eyed smile "Thank you dear." She thinks about dogs and drifts to another era of her life "We had a lab back on the farm in Saskatchewan, used to chase the trains. Rufus......dumb as toast but a friendly fellow. Oh the trains...i miss the trains, rattling through the whole house, shaking mother's china......and the wind blew through the house on cool prairie nights..." She drifts like this but her descriptions and her almost spontaneous poetry are a hint at what she would have been like when her mind was sharp and she was an English teacher.

Zilpha Ainsworth smiles softly. "Oh that sounds wonderful." she adores Martha in this mode. "Except the dishes. Goodness, I would have been afraid they would break." she confesses, cutting her food with the fork. "Here .. no trains, but the ferry whistle has been around forever. But now it goes off more often than when I was a girl here."

Millie.Cross  Never been around trains much, , But the ferry horns a bit much these days , I do miss the old buoy bells and Fog horns , i wish they would dump all that new fangled electric ones and go back to the horns it was so romantic to hear them at night."

Martha Bloom eats her quiche with gusto after her back in time tangent and then comes back to the present, forgetting she said a word of it "What did you say about trains dears? That ferry whistle is very loud..."

Zilpha Ainsworth smiles and eats. "If the whistle wasn't loud ... we wouldn't hear it, would we." she grins and savors the meal, but quickly. "Girls .. I have to eat and run but ... new help at my place ... I'm .. a little nervous." she reaches for her purse ad sets out the cash.

Millie.Cross looks at the time and finishes her quiche ravenously " I gotta run as well there's a New guy at the gym spotting the bench presses i need to examine ." as she reaches into one of her numerous pants pockets and pulls out her magic card with that little chip. that takes care of the tab. " oh and Take a good tip young man " she says smiling at the waiter.

Martha Bloom sits quietly and counts out her money as she waves at the two ladies leaving "Beware the spiders girls...and good day."

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Silence in the Office - Vincent, Joey, Mr. VanBuren, Darcy

Arthur VanBuren was marching through the halls, making sure all was quiet and that the students were where they were supposed to be.  But instead of any sort of order, he saw chaos.  Kids were running by him yelling "FIGHT! FIGHT!"  and on that subject, he could rely on the student body as a whole to be accurate.

With a sigh, he stepped up his own pace.  Not running, because that was against the rules and the Deputy Headmaster ruled by example.  Soon he was at the edge of a circle of students four deep,  he began to part them.  "Back to class!  Now!"  he ordered, still not even sure who was fighting.  The students knew better than to argue with him.  He also led by example in the neighborhood of detentions.

In the center of the circle were Joey Piccolo and Vincent DiAntoni.  "Alright, boys, break it up."  he called to them, even as he bent to pull Vincent off of Joey.  Securing each boy in one of his two powerful hands, he immediately headed for his office.  Vincent quieted at once, but Joey, once again on the losing end of a fistfight, continued trying to get to Vincent.  As a result, it was Vincent he let go in order to open the door to the Admin offices.  Then he headed for his own office, assuming Vincent would be smart enough to follow.  Once his office door was open he pushed Joey in a chair and told Vincent "Have a seat."

Vincent sat and folded his arms across his chest, glowering at Joey, but not saying a word.

Joey also glared at Vincent, but had apparently calmed enough to know better than to try and get any hits in while actually in the Deputy Headmasters office.

Arthur went behind his desk and opened a drawer.  "What happened?"  he demanded, even as he pulled out the suspension slips for both boys.

Neither boy replied, which was interesting to Arthur, because usually the fighters would both start talking, sometimes yelling, accusations at each other.

But these two were quiet.

"Fine.  We'll call this a generic fight in the halls, which is a three day suspension for each of you."  Arthur told them, and points his pen at Joey.  "And this is your second this month.  You get in another fight in the next ten school days and it's an expulsion."

Joey audibly growled like an angry dog, but still said nothing.

Arthur filled out his slip first.  "Go to the nurses office and see about those cuts and bruises."  he ordered and Joey stalked out of the office, slamming the office door solidly behind him.

Now Arthur looked at Vincent.  He had been at the school since the beginning of this school year and had come close to having fights in the past, but by November, it seemed he had settled down quite a bit.  This would be his first suspension, and Arthur really did not want to hand it out.  "You want to tell me what happened, son?"  he asks, in a voice Joey Piccolo had never heard before.

Vincent sighed deeply.  "No sir.  I don't.  Me and Joey got in a fight.  That's all ANYONE needs to know."  he straightens up and blows out a breath.  "Three day suspension, right?"

Arthur nods slowly.  "Yes."  he begins to fill out the papers.  "This is your first offence, and it won't effect your scholarship."  he tells him.  "But if you get in another fight in the next two weeks, you'll have to go up before the Scholarship board, so that they can decide if you are really right for the Music Program."  he expected they would let that slide, but.  "And if you get into ANOTHER fight in ANOTHER two weeks ... I will have no choice but to expel you, Vincent.  You'll be out of this school."

Vincent closes his eyes.  "Yea.  I know the rules, Mister VanBuren, sir."  he swallows.  "You're going to call my ... Darcy Lynch now, right?"  she wasn't officially his foster mother yet, and he suddenly wonders if he's fucked that up, too.

"Yes, I'm afraid I am going to have to call her."  he sighs deeply and hands Vincent his copy of his three day suspension notice.  "Son, I don't know what Joey Piccolo said to you." and experience with Joey tells him Joey said SOMETHING.  "But don't let him ruin your future."  he sighs and nods at his door.  "You're dismissed."

Vincent stands and takes the paper.  "Yea, well ... he's on a fuckin roll, sir."  he murmurs as he leaves, softly closing the door behind himself.

Arthur wonders at the strange words and picks up the phone, calling and leaving a message for Joey's mother, then calling Darcy Lynch at her listed cell number.  The voice mail picked up and he left a message.  "Miss Lynch, this is Arthur VanBuren from the Alexandra Academy called.  I'm afraid I have had to send Vincent DiAntoni home on a three-day suspension.  I can't give her any details, but I do have to inform you.  Thank you."

Vincent walked straight home, going behind the Town Hall so he didn't even have to look in the clinic window for Addison, Fiona and Daisy.  He hoped Daisy was going to be alright.  He paused at the door of his apartment, so stressed, he forgot if Darcy was even at work today.

Darcy was at home and didn't hear her phone because she was taking out the recycling. She came back in to the message, in her sweats, on her day off, ready to do a new online yoga class since Vincent was still in school and she had the main room to herself. Reading the number associated with the school she immediately checks the message. Was Vincent hurt? Sick? Had Gino somehow gotten back on the island? These were her worries. She listened to the message and leaned on the kitchen counter uttering an audible "Shit Vincent...."

Vincent lays his hand on the door and then remembers his keys.  Now that hes home he realizes his jaw hurts.  Joey must have gotten in a lucky punch.  He'd need some ice.  Taking his keys he opens the door and comes in, dropping his bag and taking off his coat and work boots.  He can see Darcy out of the corner of his eye and is trying not to react.  No doubt ... the questions are coming.

Darcy hears Vincent come in and looks up, waiting to see if he'll just explain himself without grilling. She's still holding her phone and just looking at him. She uses this tactic with suspects in the interrogation room sometimes because she doesn't do the bad cop routine well, so she's found just staring can make people crack too, with way less guilt on her.

Vincent finally straightens and walks all the way in, seeing Darcy looking at her phone.  He heads for the kitchen and a clean dishtowel, which he takes to the freezer and adds a liberal amount of ice.  His chin is starting to bruise, even if he can't see it.  "Um ...  OK ..."  he closes the freezer and puts his makeshift compress on his swelling chin.  "So ... I .. um .. sort of .. got .. um ... into a fight .. with ... Joey Piccolo ... and .. um .. we sort of ... like ... got ... suspended?"  he offers it up as if there might be a question that it happened at all.

Darcy's expression is unreadable but she notes the icing and softens on the inside a little. "Joey Piccolo. I've heard that name and not in a good way. What happened before the fight kid?"

Vincent is tempted to remain silent, like he had in Mr. VanBuren's office.  But this is Darcy ... the woman he hoped would someday legally be his mother somehow.  So he leans against the kitchen counter and sighs explosively.  "He got Daisy pregnant."  he reports.  "And when she told him ... he ... God .. he told her to get rid of it ... first thing .. and then ..."  he struggles to remember.  "And then he asked if it was even his and ..."  he tightens his grip on the ice pack.  "He told her to get rid of it and he wasn't paying for her mistake and ...  I stepped in cause he grabbed her and ..."  he swallows hard.  "He asked if I was fucking her too and that I could pay for it and ...  he took a swing at me and asked if I was fuckin her too and ... I hit him and ... then ...."  he shrugs.  "We were fighting."

Darcy puts her phone down and rubs at her eye looking unimpressed "Daisy Dale? You got in a fight for the reproductive rights of a girl who started rumours about you?" It's a rhetorical question of course and after it she has to chuckle "You're an amazing guy Vincent. The suspension's a shitty deal...." She walks over to him and reaches out to give him a hug "Are you OK?"

Vincent honestly had not thought of it that way.  "I ... I guess."  he agrees.  "Daisy just looked so lost and sad.  And her being pregnant .. that's a lot worse than those rumors.  THEY went away.  No matter what she does ... it's forever."  he hugs her, kind of proud she called him amazing.  So he takes a chance.  "So ...  I'm not in trouble?"  he ventures, hopefully.

Darcy sighs "I should say yes....but it wasn't not a senseless fight." She rubs his back lightly and lets him go "But you do have to be careful. I mean you can get charged with assault even if you're fighting for a good cause, even in self defense if you over defend. It's just how the law works. At your age and in school it's probably just a suspension...which you don't want too many of either...." That was the brunt of the lecture, more a cautionary tale than a disciplinary hearing.

Vincent nods and sighs and leans back a little more.  "Yea.  Mr VanBuren explained to me ... three fights and I get expelled.  Two fights and I go in front of the Scholarship panel thing."  he blows out a breath.  "I just can't believe ... "  he tightens his jaw and winces.  "I bet that is what my father said before my mothers parents made them get married."  he flexes his fingers, which are a little sore too.

Darcy looks at Vincent with love, understanding the many levels of this fight now. "We'll never know but you had the love of your mother, and grandmother you have mine, and Fiona's and many friends. Hopefully Daisy has people there for her too, whatever happens. Do you need another ice pack? I'll get it....go sit on the couch OK....we can just wrap you in ice and chill out...literally...."

Vincent sighs.  "No, I think this is OK.  And my hands." he closes his eyes.  "Are sore but not damaged."  but he does head for the couch and sort of flops down.  "She's at the clinic now.  Fiona and Addison took her."  he blows out a breath, apparently not concerned all three girls are cutting school."

Darcy grabs the ice cube tray and the a ziploc bag and puts a few cubes in for his hand and comes to sit, laying it on the hand "That's good. She's OK then, as OK as she can be." Darcy doesn't mention the cutting school thing either as this is bigger than school.

Vincent stares out of the window.  "How can that be OK?  I mean ... she's ... only 15, I think .. and Joey ... God I hope no one makes them get married.  But even then ... how is she going to finish school?"  he was wondering also ... what if it happened to Fiona?  They had been fooling around .. no sex but ... she had gotten on birth control pills anyway.  Daisy obviously hadn't.  Probably because talking to her mother about all of that.  Then he remembers.  "Daisy's mom kicked her out."  he groans.  "Fiona told me that before the fight.  Christ on crack."

Darcy shakes her head "I think you parents situation was rare in terms of the marriage part. Most girls just end up single parents if they keep a baby that was unplanned, sad truth of our world. Her mom's a piece of work, but maybe she didn't mean it....maybe they'll work it out once she accepts that it's happening." Darcy has the tone of someone speaking from experience instead of the tone of alarm one might be expecting.

Vincent looks at her.  There's something in her tone.  "How ... I mean ..."  his eyes grow wide.  "Aunt Mari?"  is the first person his mind jumps to.

Darcy lets out a breathy laugh "You're good kid. She gave up a baby for adoption when she was 16. When she first told our mom, it was bad. Mom threatened to kick her out like she was really going to do it....but she didn't mean it and she felt so bad when she found Mari packing to go she begged her to stay. My mom's a loving woman. She was just scared and reacting. I think Daisy's mom must love her too, even if she's bad at it."

Vincent sighs and nods.  "Man I hope so, but ... I don't know."  he flexes his fingers.  "I'd better text Fi and let her know what happened, huh?"  he pulls out his phone and tests her "3 days suspension.  I got bruised chin and knuckles.  Not grounded.  Hope things work for Daisy."  he shows the message to Darcy even with all the cutsie heart morning messages he and Fi exchange in the morning.

Darcy gives the text a little nod at the message and then teases Vincent "You guys are mushy..." She laughs "That's a lot of hearts and kisses there kid." She picks up the remote and hands it to him "You want tea? I'll make pick something to watch if you like." There's a pale blue yoga mat that had been rolled out before she did the recycling but she picks it up and starts rolling it back up.

Vincent blushes a little and sticks the phone back in his pocket.  "Yea, but ... we're in love.  We can cat bored when we get old."  he blows out a breath.  "Um ... yea.  I think tea would be nice."  he flips through the channels, looking at the mat between.  "You ... yoga?"  he asks curiously.

Darcy sets the mat against her bedroom door "Part of my stress management plan. It's not just for hippies....and I usually do the videos on my laptop first thing in the morning but you were at school and I was off today so I slept in instead." She walks to the kitchen and says off handedly "I can't imagine you and Fiona ever bored. Mint? Chamomile? Jasmine? Bengal Spice? Earl Grey......shall I go on?"

Vincent tries to imagine it and can't.  "I just don't understand yoga."  he finally admits.  "But at least you got to sleep in?"  he laughs.  "I can't either."  he considers.  "Jasmine, please? And man, I'm skipping lunch."

Darcy chuckles about the yoga "It's just breathing and stretching with intention, and yes, glorious sleep." She gets the box of tea down and clicks the kettle to boil and then opens the fridge "We do have food you about a little pita pocket with hummus and veggies?" She starts pulling out the fixings.

Vincent smiles to himself.  "I do that in bed when I wake up."  he teases.  He considers.  "Yea.  That sounds good.  So we have any meat, though?"  carnivore that he is.

Darcy pulls open the meat drawer and looks at her injured boy "Alright new plan...BLTs sound better? Same veggies..." She grins and puts the hummus away.

Vincent smiles.  "Well ... actually they both sound kinda good .... but . yea BLT over hummus cause ... it's meat!"  he grins.  "Well, I can make waffles tomorrow morning for you, since even if I am not in trouble I am in kiss Darcy Mom tush mode."  he had been afraid all bets would be off with his suspension.  Fostering off.  Home off.  Back to calling her Darcy.

Darcy smiles and gets out the frying pan and then walks over closer to him and reassures him "Vincent, it's likely we will piss each other off sometimes, but even if i'm really mad at you someday, I still love you. Please don't be afraid it's conditional."

Vincent sighs in relief.  "I'm still getting used to this."  he admits.  "I know I'll probably get in trouble someday.  Probably without meaning to."  he shrugs and thinks for half a second of the heavy make out sessions he and Fiona had on this very couch or in his room.  "I love you, too.  But I really AM still getting used to all of this."  he admits.  "But ... I'm not sorry about Joey.  He's an ass hole and he deserved it.  He can add those to the list after Seamus beat his ass on Fi's birthday."

Darcy nods, knowing she is too, and determined to keep lines of communication open. She turns back to the stove but is still in the conversation as she lays bacon on the warmed up fry pan "That Joey really knows how to pick his fights.......So he's already been suspended for one?"

Vincent nods.  "Yea.  Next time he gets expelled."  he tells her.  "His mother might even get mad at him for it too."  he rolls his eyes.  "He told me her and her brother are the ones got him that van of his."  he sighs again.  "OK, he really just .. man." he realizes how annoying Joey is.  How mean and hateful and how much he truly dislikes Joey Piccolo.  Especially after what he did to Fi.

Darcy isn't sure what the deal is with the van and just glances back "Sounds like a spoiled brat with a good helping of clueless jock?"

Vincent snorts a little and readjusts the ice on his face.  "Yea. But he's not on any teams.  I don't know.  He just ... gets me."  he admits.  "I really don't like him, but its like Mr VanBuren said, hes not worth throwing my scholarship away over."

"Sounds like Mr. VanBuren is more in touch with what's happening than some VPs. And he's right." She slips the bacon and starts slicing a tomato on the island.

Vincent nods.  "Yea.  He walks around the school and seems to know all of us by name.  That's kinda neat.  No one knew anyone in my old school."

Darcy smiles as she sets the tomatoes aside and starts ripping lettuce leaves "That's cool. What about the principal?"

"Miss Spanner?"  Vincent shrugs.  "No one ever sees her, really.  I hear she doesn't like girls, and is kinda weird.  Maybe she'll quit or retire or something.  It would be kind of nice to have a Headmaster or principal like Mr VanBuren.  He seems pretty fair and likes the kids."  he watches her cook, always interested in her doing it, even though its been months now.

Darcy sets the lettuce aside now and goes back to flip the bacon again "Doesn't like girls....yet she's female. Interesting." She opens the fridge and ducks her head back in ti searching for mayonnaise.

Vincent nods and moves the ice pack around.  "Yea.  You know .. skirts too short, all the girls are loose.  She makes no sense the little I've even heard of her."  he smiles.  "But I like the teachers here.  Even when their subjects are boring."

Darcy rolls her eyes "Yes because it's all about the length of a skirt. For Chrisakes......I'm glad you like the teachers though."

Vincent shrugs.  "I guess she's old fashioned?"  he offers.  "But yea.  I like the school .. and the classes.  Even French."  he grins.  "And I am keeping my grades up."  he considers.  "I wonder if I can get my homework brought to me ..."

Darcy pulls the bacon off the pan with a fork and smiles about the French. She thinks about Vincent's request "Well your girlfriend is skipping school....for a good cause but you can't ask her. As your guardian I could go ask for it......and that's another point. I need to deal with some of those forms." She confirms and then gives him a look as she moves stuff to the island before making the toast "But for today I could get your homework."

Vincent nods.  "Yea.  I don't know how long a pregnancy test takes, but she'll be with her mom, since shes the nurse there.  But if you could get mine ... it'll keep me from getting tossed out of school."  he looks curious.  "The foster stuff?"  he asks, carefully wondering if she might not just skip that step and go for the gold.  "Yea.  I got no excuse not to do it and practice my butt off ... if I didn't fuck my fingers up on Joey's rib cage."

Darcy nods "I'll go after I eat." She plates up the sandwiches and brings them both to the couch "I think your fingers will heal fast." She offers him his sandwich and sits down with hers "And I was thinking maybe with Gino absent I could just apply to adopt you officially, if you'd be OK with that big a step?"

Vincent smiles.  "Thanks.  And I better.  Or Professor Woll will kill me.  Well not really but ... ugh."  he takes the sandwich and looks it over half a second before lifting it to his mouth and biting into it.  He begins coughing when she speaks.  "Wo wan 'dop ee?"

Darcy has to laugh "Yes Vincent, despite your table manners. I want to adopt you."

Vincent swallows hard and looks at her.  "Sorry ... I ... I mean I ... "  he shrugs.  "I mean I wanted ...  that you know ... and with Gino gone ... if you could.  Please.  Do."  he tightens his jaw, struggling with his emotion.  "Shit .. and I was just thinking about him today, too.

Darcy sees his struggle and sighs, nodding "Hey, I'm sorry if I sprung that on you." She reaches over and gives him a little one armed hug "What were you thinking about Gino?"

Vincent hugs her back hard.  "No . no I hate surprises but not THAT kinda one."  he blinks.  "Well first Joey comes off talking like Gino ... and then I was kinda glad I got to come here instead of his place."  he sighs.  "And then I realized that if I had to tell him, he would want to know what I'd done to Joey .. and the worse I beat him, the less trouble I would have been in with him."  he leans against the couch and looks at her.  "I gave him some good punches, but I didn't break anything.  He MIGHT have a black eye.  And I got this."  he points to the bruise on the left side of his jaw.

Darcy frowns at his bruise and then inhales "Gino has a messed up way of seeing the world. I'm not happy you punched a guy for the sake of hitting someone. I'm not even happy if it was for a good cause. I do understand it though and I won't judge you for it. It just is. If this Joey kid continues on the path he's on, hopefully karma takes care of the rest."

Vincent nods.  "He was all about his son becoming a man.  So ... especially since I play the harp, I needed to be more ... aggressive in every other area."  he shrugs.  "Joey swung at me.  I only wanted Daisy to get away from him.  I seen that too many times with my parents."  he reaches for his plate.  "Adopted."  he smiles at the sandwich and dances a little.  "I need to tell Fi in person."  he grins, sort of hoping they can still study together here after school ... even if Vincent was on suspension.

Darcy looks pained by the talk of Gino and his parenting values but then smiles as she eats her own sandwich, listening to  the rest. After she eats, she stands up "I'll call Mr. VanBuren back and see about that homework. Classes are still on for a bit so I'll probably have to go at 3:30 to get it all. What did you have this afternoon anyway?"

Vincent nods and happily goes back to his sandwich.  This time he swallows before he speaks.  "Sure.  All my academic classes are in the morning.  Music classes in the afternoons.  Practicing won't be a problem for me." he drinks deeply.  "Man I'm all ...  funny now."  he can't really voice his mood.

Darcy thinks about that "We might even be able to get that by email if they have the sheet music to scan...." She looks at him worriedly "You don't have a concussion do you?" For all she knew this Joey kid could have knocked Vincent's head into a wall or the pavement even though she couldn't see any head injuries.

Vincent is chewing and nodding as she talks about the sheet music.  Then he swallows and looks at her.  "What?  Oh .. no ... Joey got a couple punches in, but mostly ... yea.  I won.  This isn't a concussion.  I know what THAT feels like."  he finished the sandwich, nearly inhaling it and washing it down with more tea.  "I mean I'm just ... all ... happy and light."  he grins.  "I'm gonna get ADOPTED!"  he's giddy.

Darcy looks relieved and smiles "I'm glad you feel excited about it. I do too kid. Sometimes people come into our lives for a reason."

Vincent considers that.  "Yea.  Vincent used to tell me that God makes no mistakes, even if we think he did.  And sometimes it doesn't make sense.  So .... coming here .. meeting you ... Gino's crimes ... all of it it like weaving my life."

Darcy nods "Something like that yeah. I'm iffy on the god idea but fate. I took this job to escape form the big city, to try and figure myself out somewhere quiet. Then all of that from the flip side. Up until two years ago I'd only heard of Alexandra as a ferry terminal." She laughs.

Vincent grins.  "Yea well... the Bittettos are Catholic, but also I guess his um ... grandfather or great-grandfather or someone ... straight from Italy so some polytheistic stuff from there.  The Web Of Fate or something.  I might look it up while I'm on this suspension."  he could probably just laze around the apartment but he loved studying on some subjects.

Darcy takes her plate to the kitchen and chimes back "Catholic Italians. Consistent and yet unpredictable breed..." She teases "Oh the tea!!! Very strong Jasmine tea..." She laughs and pours.

Vincent nods.  "Yea.  They are.  I remember church .. that's where I learned most of my Italian.  And in 13's kitchen."  he smiles.  "I really like that tea.  Never got it to much ... before ... mostly coffee.  Didn't know there were so many teas."  he laughs and looks towards the window.

Darcy fakes an Italian accent "Because it's nota cappucino!" She brings the tea over and sets a mug near him "Sorry, not to make fun of your culture. Feel free to mock French Canadians though." She says laughing as she sits.

Vincent snorts.  "Oui, oui!  Tres magnifique."  his French accent teases right back.  He leans back.  "Man I need to not be tired."  he laughs.  "I guess it was kind of an emotionally draining day for me."

Darcy giggles and then looks at him through mothering eyes "Why don't you go take a nap? Do you need Advil for the swelling first?"

Vincent laughs.  "I'm not six!"  he protests, but tenderly touches his jaw.  "Actually .... "  he concedes.  "Yea ...  I think I'll take both ... the Advil and the nap.  Damn Darcy Mom .. you're a natural at this."

Darcy rolls her eyes and shrugs with a grin "You don't have to be six for me to look out for you kid. Let me go get you some painkillers."

Vincent sort of macho snorts and rubs at his jaw while she heads for the painkillers.  He stands and moves to the dining room table, on his way to his bedroom.

Darcy comes back to him with Advil and water and then gives him a little kiss on the side of the head "Go to bed kid. I'll get that school work call in while you sleep.'

Vincent smiles and takes the pills.  "Thanks Darcy Mom ... for everything."  he kisses her on her cheek and heads into his bedroom, looking down and realizing he can't see the clinic really from their height.  So he strips to his boxer briefs and climbs into bed, asleep in less than two minutes.

Darcy watches him walk to his door and then turns and places a quiet call to the school. She gets the answering service maze and finally ends up with the option to leave a message for Mr. VanBuren's inbox "Hi Mr. VanBuren, this is Darcy Lynch calling about Vincent DiAntoni. Thank you for your call. He's home safe now. If there's any chance we could get his homework sent to my email over the next few days, he'd like to not fall behind. My email address is Thank you and have a good afternoon."

The Crying in the Bathroom - Daisy, Fiona, Addy, Vincent, Joey, Susan, Colleen

Daisy Dale was huddled against the wall in the last stall of the girl's bathroom on the second floor. Her sobs softly echoed in the room as she held her knees to her body with her signature fuchsia school backpack beside her and sticking out a bit under the door. She was in the clothes she had worn the day before, her hair and makeup a sad mess. She had missed her morning classes and it was now soon to be lunch.

Fiona was walking with Addy from gym after changing and stopped at the bathroom door "Shoot, I need to pee. I should have gone in the gym bathroom...come with me? Not the peeing part..." She jokes as she walks in. Once they're in she can hear the crying. It did sometimes happen in the bathroom but she made a sad face at Addy before going into the first stall to answer nature's call.

Addison giggles.  "Yes, you should have gone before we left."  she mods the old parental mantra and follows with a.  "You never let me have any fun.  How will we ever bond if ...."  she stops at the sound of the crying and, as Fiona is in her own stall, she bites her lip a minute.  She sees the fuchsia backpack and that's enough identification of the crier for her. Daisy probably had a fight with Joey.  That would make sense with the rumors of his cheating all over the place.  She considers ignoring it but ... Daisy wasn't BAD.  So she addresses the backpack.  "Daisy ....  you OK in there?"

Daisy doesn't answer but just yanks her backpack closer to her, damning it's recognizably. She tries to stop crying but she can't really, whatever it is is just too much for her. She blurts out "I'm fine." in a short slightly higher pitched lie.

Fiona can hear it all from her stall and frowns. She flushes and goes to wash her hands quickly and comes to stand beside Addy looking a bit worried. Joey was the worst male they all knew, even if she and Daisy hadn't always gotten along. It wasn't really Daisy's fault. She cautiously said "Daisy, it's can talk to us..."

Addison glances at Fiona with a shrug.  Daisy was a lot of things at the moment, but 'fine' wasn't one of them.  Clearly.  "Yea.  You really CAN talk to us, Daisy.  Come on out.  Whatever it is that's upsetting you .. maybe we can cheer you up."  there is a bit of ridiculousness in that statement, as neither she or Fiona is exactly known for their cheery personalities.

Daisy gives a short awkward laugh and says bitterly "I doubt it." She reaches her hand up to the lock and slides it open and confesses "My mom kicked me out last night." And then bursts into a new round of tears and chokes out "Because I'm pregnant...."

Fiona had almost laughed at Addy's words and then gasped at Daisy's and then pushes open the door and squats down "Oh shit...Daisy...'

Addison is looking over Fiona's head down at Daisy and gapes.  "Holy shit ...."  she breathes and takes in a long breath.  Her mind races into many areas.  "Does ... does Joey know?"  she wonders and tries to imagine his reaction.

Daisy cries harder "No.....he and I are.....well maybe he'll want to be with me and just me if there's a baby right?"

Fiona has to work really hard not to give her true reaction to that question and just pats Daisy on the shoulder "Daisy...I dunno....I think this needs to be about you taking care of you. Are you sure you're pregnant? Did you go to the clinic or just do a home test? They can be wrong."

She sniffs and nods "I did one from the drugstore....but awhile ago. I've been throwing up every morning and I'm really tired all the time. I know the test was right....My mom said I should have an abortion. She said...." she starts to cry really hard now "She said having a baby at 15 ruined her life.....she means me...." Her head goes down and she buries her face in her knee and just bawls.

Fiona strokes her hair and looks back at Addy in disbelief that any mother would say that to their child.

Addy's eyes grow large at Daisy's question and her jaw tightens hard in her attempt to not be as honest as she usually is.   Then Daisy tells them her mothers response and Addy sighs deeply, shaking her head in disbelief.  She pats Fi on the shoulder.  "We have to take her to your mom."  she announces.  "She'll know what to do."

Fiona nods "Daisy, my mom's a nurse. She won't judge you. I promise. But you should see someone....medical. She can help you make informed choices too."

Addy nods.  "We'll even go with you, if you want.  You aren't alone, Daisy."

Daisy looks up at Fiona and Addy and nods with a hesitant "OK...I'll go..."

Addy nods and turns towards the door.  "Come on, Daisy."  she heads out of the bathroom and down towards the entrance of the school.

Vincent DiAntoni stands near the entrance of the school.  His next class is upstairs and he wonders if they made it that way it was to get the maximum exercise out of students.

Joey Piccolo walks towards Vincent, pausing a minute to watch a couple of the girls moving past them.  He sees Vincent and grins.  "Spring is going to be GREAT."  he announces.  "Short skirts and no more leggings."  he laughs.  "Maybe you can make some progress with your little girlfriend."

Fiona leads the way and sees Vincent as they go out, immediately followed by Joey and purses her lips giving Vincent a look that lets him know this is about to not be a good moment. She looks back worriedly at Daisy.

Daisy still looks a mess and stops short at the sight of Joey looking unsure what to do right now.

Addison comes with and stops at the sighs of Vincent and Joey.  She bites her bottom lip, telling herself this is not her fight .. not that Daisy would fight.

Joey sees Daisy in the company of Fiona and Addison.  Daisy looked a mess.  He comes up to her and places his hand on the back of her neck.  "Aw, what's wrong, baby?"  he asks in his aren't I the most caring boyfriend in the world voice.  "You fail that math exam?"

Vincent sees Fiona's look and looks at Daisy, who looks like she's been crying.  He watches Joey approach her and figures they might have had another fight.  Maybe even about the girls Joey is rumored to be playing around with.

Daisy starts crying again and says to the others "Can you give us a minute?" She starts moving off to the side hoping Joey will follow nicely.

Fiona nods and moves to Vincent, looking back at Addy and head jutting to the bottom of the stairs. She takes Vincent's hand and whispers "We might need you to cover for us..." she looks hesitant to say it all immediately watching to see what Joey will do.

Addison follows Fiona, keeping her eyes on Daisy and Joey and hoping for the best.

Vincent looks at Fiona, curiously.  He holds her hand and looks casual.  "Sure.  What's up?"  he wonders.

Joey moves with Daisy, keeping his hand on her neck.  "OK, now that the hell is this all about, Daisy.  Stop being dramatic for fucks sake."

Daisy starts to tremble as his tone turns mean and quietly manages to get out "Joey, I'm pregnant. And my mom just threw me out last night." Her whole being is pleading for him to be comforting and somehow make it better.

Fiona keeps looking towards Joey and Daisy and whispers to Vincent "She's pregnant and her mother is a horrible person. She kicked her out. Addy and I are taking her to the clinic. I suspect Joey's about to make it worse...."

Addison just watches.  Daisy was having the bad day of all bad days.

Vincent's eyes go wide.  "Shit."  he whispers, quickly looking over to Joey and Daisy.  "Um ... yea ... I'll cover for you guys.  No problem."

Joey pulls his head back in shock.  "Pregnant?  No fucking way."  he looks at her and can tell she is telling the truth.  If nothing else, she had always proven herself mostly honest.  He looks at her.  "You're gonna get rid of it, right?"  for him, that is a no-brainer.  Only logical.

Daisy's eyes narrow and she says "I don't know yet. Aren't you going to ask if I'm ok?" Joey has been more than pushing her loyalty with all his obvious attractions to other girls and it's the end of her rope.

Fiona frowns, watching and gives Vincent's hand a squeeze "Thanks."

Addison watches and bites her lip again, almost chewing on it.

Vincent watches Joey from his angle and squeezes back.  "Baby, sometimes I hate it when you're right."  he murmurs.

Joey snorts.  "Well that's the OBVIOUS thing to do." he tells her.  "You can't take care of a kid."  he straightens.  "I guess your saying it's mine?"  he had been unfaithful to her, but until this moment, he thought that she had been completely faithful to HIM ... but ... this could be someone else's problem.  After all, Sam Coffee had been screwing Seamus Reinhardt, but also screwed him.  But Sam had been smart enough not to get pregnant.

Daisy becomes a little shrill and gets suddenly louder "Of course it's yours! Do you think I'm just another one of you're little sluts?!" She starts backing away from him as she gets to the end.

Fiona exhales into an irritated grunt " too....unbelievable.." She glances between Addy and Vincent.

Addison tightens her jaw.  She honestly has no idea what to do at this point.

Vincent watches carefully, as do some of the others in the entryway as Daisy gets a little loud.

Joey reaches out to gran Daisy by the neck, not anywhere near as nice as he had.  "Don't you walk away from me, Daisy."  he snaps.  "You get rid of that kid NOW.  I'm not paying for YOUR mistake."

Vincent lets go of Fiona's hand and moves over to where Joey and Daisy are standing.  "It's your kid.  Just deal with it."  he says, trying to keep his voice calm.  "Man the fuck up."

Joey turns on Vincent like a snake, releasing Daisy.  "Mind your fucking business."  and he takes a swing at Vincent.

Vincent ducks the punch.  "Go, Daisy!"  he almost backs as he straightens up and aims a fist into Joey's middle.

Joey doubles over, half his breath knocked out of him.  "What?  You fucking her, too?"  he demands looking up and beginning to straighten.  "You pay for that bastard.  It's not my ..."

Vincent swings again.  A solid uppercut that lands Joey on his back.  "Sand up and I'll put your worthless ass down again."  he threatens, assuming by now Daisy, Fiona and Addison are long gone, but ready to fight in front of them if Joey makes him.

Daisy gets out of the way fast as the fight starts, unconsciously letting one hand cover her abdomen protectively as  she makes for Fiona and Addison.

Fiona watches worried for a minute and then sees Vincent has it well in hand and takes Daisy 's "Don't watch. Come on let's go." She looks at Addy to see where she's at and then briefly at Vincent with brief but absolute devotion. He was literally a super hero at this very moment.

Addison watches the fight begin and, as much as she would love to stay and cheer Vincent on, he was giving them the distraction they needed to get out.  She moves past Fi and Daisy and opens the door for them as the unmistakable sounds of a fight begin, attracting everyone on the main floor of the school.  They got away.  Outside, Addy blows out a breath.  "Way to go, Vincent."

Daisy keeps pace with the two other girls feeling the strength of this unexpected alliance "You don't think he'll hurt him too badly do you?" She asks worriedly.

Fiona darts a look at Addy and then curiously asks "Are you worried about Vincent hurting Joey? I don't think he plans to do more than make a bit of a point Daisy...."

Daisy scoffs "No, I hope Vincent knocks all his teeth out to be honest. But I'd feel bad if he got hurt doing it. You got the good man Fiona..."

Addison grins as they walk past Chief Brate's house.  "That's more like it."  she grins at Daisy.  "But ... you know ... they're probably BOTH going to get suspended."  she grins.  "But this is Joey's second.  I just wish ... Vincent didn't get in trouble."  part of her wants to take Daisy's hand and try and cheer her up, but doesn't know how this could be put in any positive light.

Fiona stresses a bit about Vincent getting suspended. She knows he's on a scholarship, but she's not going to reveal that in front of Daisy. She sighs at Addy though "Ugh....forgot about that part. Seamus is just getting off being grounded from his round.....Daisy, whatever happens, you choose, not Joey. It's your body and your choice. My mom will tell you that too. There are a lot of resources and support....for every choice."

Daisy nods "I know. We've had the talks at school...and I've seen the help line stickers. I almost called one last night but my phone died and I couldn't plug in until the school opened."

Fiona looks alarmed "Did you sleep outside?"

Daisy nods "Yeah but I wasn't was too scary for me to relax, and cold. I peed at the gas station a few times because it's the only thing open 24 hours..."

Fiona deflates, looking at Addy and then back at Daisy "That's fucked and done. I'll ask my mom if you can stay over tonight."

Addison listens and nods in agreement to all of it and sighs deeply to find out that Daisy had slept on the streets the night before.  "The police didn't see you?"  she knew they patrolled the city but, thinking about it, it would be easy for them to miss her.  Especially if she was hiding from them.

Daisy looks self conscious and shakes her head "I didn't let them. They'd try and take me home and then it would be bad for mom.....child and family again. I know it's messed up that I want to protect her....but she's even more messed up than I am right....just in general...I figured I could handle one night and I did....but thanks Fiona, it wasn't something I want to do all the time."

Fiona can't even imagine any of Daisy's life right now and just nods at her "It's OK. You'll have to bunk in with me because we don't have an extra room. Too many brothers..." she tries to joke in light of the grim situation.

Addy nods and smiles a little.  "Well, you'll be safe, at least.  As long as Owen isn't cooking."  she lifts up a hand.  "I know he's been taking classes, but I can't NOT tease about it."  she laughs a little.

Daisy half smiles at them both "I know....I'm in Mrs Baldwin's class too. My group is one station over from his...." She giggles for a second and then can see the clinic as it just comes into view and looks panicked "Will your mom call child and family? Will the doctor?"

Fiona looks at Addy, unsure and then helplessly at Daisy "I....I don't think so. I mean you're old enough to go to the doctor by yourself. You could just leave out the part about your mom....and I'll ask my mom later OK? We won't get you in trouble..."

Addy shrugs.  I doubt it.  Dr McKinney is really cool and so is Mrs Reinhardt.  So don't worry about THAT part."  she chews on her lip again.  Daisy had plenty to worry about without it.

Fiona can see the clinic too and out of the corner of her eye she sees Vincent walking into his building and winces "Vincent got sent home...her just went inside. I'll text him later..." She looks at Daisy "That means Joey's out too. Turn off your phone if he starts bugging you."

Daisy looks sad about Vincent and then narrows her eyes "He better not after what he said. WHO does he think I'm out there screwing? That's HIS game, not mine."

Addy winces.  Vincent on suspension.  "He might not get in too much trouble.  Officer Lynch is pretty cool."  she offers and then looks at Darcy, as if her own heart might break.  "Daisy ...  I'm ... just..."  she can't go on.  There are no words, and for her, that's rare.

Fiona looks at Addy and nods, understanding how she feels and feeling equally awful about the whole thing. They reach the clinic doors and she just opens one and holds it for the others " we are."

Daisy looks at Addison with watery eyes and then smiles at her, oddly grateful for the depth of the other girl's emotion. She sniffs and approaches the counter swallowing and straightening up for whatever's coming.

Milo Gregory tidied up the reception area.  It was a rather slow day at the clinic and he liked it.  This new island town seemed to be very peaceful and that is exactly what he needed.  Of course, no sooner did he think that, then the door opened and three young girls walked in.  No one was bleeding and, being he had only been on the island since around the first of the year,  he wouldn't really name any on sight, but one of the girls looked like Nurse Reinhardt, so she might be a relative.  "Hello.  How can I help you?" One of the girls looked like they'd been crying.

Colleen and Susan were sequestered in Susan's little office, actually finally catching up on the paperwork in the lull.

Fiona looks at the new receptionist with curiosity and then darts a look at Addison while she waits to see what Daisy's going to say. Of course it had to be a guy when it's a female concern day.

Daisy gets suddenly a little more nervous as she has to say it. In fact she can't bring herself to say what she's here for just "I'd like to see a doctor, a lady doctor if I can please."

Milo looks at them and smiles.  "Well, we only have one doctor and she's a woman."  he tells her.  "I'll get her."  he comes out from around the desk.  "Oh and I just LOVE that backpack, honey."  he smiles and picks up the phone.  "You ladies can have a seat.  Won't be but a second."  he presses a single digit and waits.

Susan hears her inside line and picks it up.  "What's up, Milo?"

"There's a young girl out here that would like to see you."  he reports.

Looking at Colleen, Susan nods.  "We'll be right out."  she hangs up the phone.  "Young lady in the lobby."  she reports.  "Want to get her going?"

Colleen nods.  "Yes, Doctor."  she smiles.  At least they got the paperwork done.  She stands and heads out to the front, stopping short and looking at the girls ... two of whom she knows very well.

Fiona looks a little amused by new receptionist and then smiles awkwardly at her mom when she sees her. She head juts at Daisy "Mom this is Daisy....we're here WITH her....because she needs some friends for this."

Daisy exhales as the receptionist and smiles, glancing back at her backpack "Thanks." She gulps again when she meets Fiona's mother face to face and her eyes fill with tears again as she knows she has to tell another adult she's pregnant.

Milo is back at his desk, observing without appearing to.  He's playing receptionist while he finished up at nursing school.  But he doesnt want to work at a huge hospital.

Colleen listens and nods.  She is highly trained in reading between lines and she hopes this is not too serious.  "Well then, why don't we get you guys in a room and we can talk."  she motions down the narrow hallway to the back and holds the door open for the three of them to come in.  "Daisy, why don't you sit on the table and tell me what's going on."  she tells the girl as she slides the door closed for them.

Fiona nods and quietly follows, and then finds a chair, one of two in the exam room and sits, looking encouraging at Daisy.

Daisy takes off her shoes and sits on the table, sniffing a bit and then says after a big breath "I'm pregnant."

Addison follows and puts herself in the other chair and watches.  It had never occurred to her how difficult two words could be to string together until she heard Daisy say them a few times.

Colleen doesn't even flinch, although klaxons go off in her head.  This girl can't be much older than her own daughter and Addison.  But she turns and reaches for the pee cups.  "Well, lets find out for sure."  she hands her the cup.  "Pee in here and I'll run another test.  And while we wait you can fill out our little form, alright?  The bathroom is the middle door and you can leave the cup on the shelf over the sink, OK?"  she keeps her voice comforting.

Daisy sniffs and nods and takes the cup, heading to the bathroom.

Once she's down the hall Fiona starts defending "I know we're skipping....but we found her crying in the bathroom and her boyfriend, the father, is Joey Piccolo. He's a jerk Mom...and he was horrible to her when she told him. so bad he and Vincent just got in a fist fight about it."

Addison also pipes up because Colleen is not only like a mother to her, but also in close contact with her father.  "Her mom isn't any better.  She threw her out and she slept on the street last night!"  the idea of that still scares her.

Colleen listens, but doesn't look angry, but DOES look very concerned.  "Oh boy."  she's seen plenty of kids like Daisy in the big city, but in Alexandra?  Well, it was bound to be ONE of the girls and she's just glad it wasn't Addison or her Fiona.  "Well, first things first.  Test results and then we can deal with the rest of it."  she tightens her jaw.  "Officially, Vincent did the wrong thing.  UNofficially .... Go Vincent."

Fiona smiles at her Mom's unofficial response and then takes out her phone "I was meaning to text him....oh he texted.....dammit...he's suspended. Not grounded, but suspended....." She sighs and texts back a sad face and a heart after it, her usual approach when she doesn't have time to type. Pocketing her phone she looks up between Addy and her Mom "I don't want her on the street again. Can she stay with us Mom? I already told her she'd have to share with me......if you say yes....."

Addison winces at hearing Vincent got suspended.  She was hoping he could get away for doing a public service to the school.

Colleen sighs.  "Well, getting suspended is probably school policy."  she nods.  "I don't either.  SO I am saying yes.  I'll clear it with your father ... somehow..."

Daisy walks back into the exam room and climbs back up on the table "I'm pretty sure it's a yes. I did take the drugstore test and I've been sick in the mornings already." She shrugs and then sighs. In an odd way, this was somewhat helpful, getting a formal test and the support.

Fiona nods sadly at Daisy, knowing there's not much to say that's comforting.

Colleen smiles at Daisy.  "We'll find out.  I'll be right back.  You fill out that form while I'm gone, alright?"  and she heads out to the bathroom to get the urine sample and administer the test.

Addison sighs when Colleen is gone.  "Well ... paperwork time."  she offers a smile, not sure how to be supportive.

Daisy takes the paper on a clipboard and pen and reads it over before starting to write. Being a minor she does have to fill in her parents names and she gulps as she fills in her mom "I really hope they done't call my mom...." She gets to the next line and scoffs "And she doesn't know who my Dad was so that's a blank..." She keeps writing down the chart and then flips it over and reclips it.

Fiona glances at Addy and then bites her lip when Daisy says she doesn't know who her Dad was. God this girl's life was just a mess.

Addison is much quieter than she usually is and glances at Fiona as they listen.  Suppressing a sigh, she moves a hand to just pat her friend, as if one ,.. or both of them needs the comfort of a touch.

Fiona looks sadly and Addy but does appreciate the connection. She watches Daisy fill out the rest and then look up at them

"You girls are so nice to come with me. Thank you." Daisy sets the clipboard down beside her and looks nervously at the door.

Addison smiles.  "I know I wouldn't want to go through this alone.  It's no problem."  she explains her own reasons for it.

The door opens again and Colleen returns with Susan.  "Daisy, this is Dr Susan McKinney."  she introduces them.

Susan nods at Addison and Fiona, both of whom she knows and then concentrates on Daisy.  "Hello Daisy."  she begins.  "Well, the results of your test were positive.  So now ... we have to talk about where to go from here."  she uses the word 'we' so Daisy doesn't feel quite so alone.

Fiona agrees with Addy "Me neither Daisy. We're happy to be here for you." She follows her gaze to the door and then it opens and she nods back at Dr. McKinney and smiles.

Daisy licks her lips nervously and says immediately "I don't want an abortion. I know that's probably what I should choose....but I can't do it. It's not the baby's fault I screwed up and dated a jackass."

Addison watches the doctor and looks at Daisy when she immediately rejects an abortion.  She wonders what she would do, and Daisy's point was a valid one.

Susan nods at the sudden and sure rejection of abortion and takes it off the table immediately.  "Alright.  Then you have two other options.  To have the baby and give it up for adoption, or to have the baby and raise it yourself."  she pauses and looks a moment at Addison and Fiona.  "The father isn't going to be involved at this point?"  she always likes to think the father, probably a boy in her school, might step up and be a man, as they would have said where she grew up.

Daisy inhales as her eyes fill with tears again and shakes her head "He wants me to get rid of it. Doesn't even believe it's his. My mom wants me to get rid of it too....had me....well I guess when she was my age. I don't know what to do..." Now her breath comes faster and she's crying again full on.

Fiona looks pained watching Daisy and just stands, crosses the room and hugs her. How can Daisy even choose anything right now. Fiona has no clue what she'd do either, and she has way more loving people in her life than this lost girl.

Addison swallows hard and watches the hug.

Susan sighs deeply.  "Well, he can always change his mind and be in his child's life.  But for now, I'm not worried about him."  she pauses at mention of the girls mother.  "Well ... that was her and this is you."  she points out.  "Having a baby as a teen isn't the end of the world.  You can still finish school and go to college and do whatever you want to to.."  she watches Fiona hug the girl.  But she pauses again and feels the need to ask.  "How upset IS your mother?"

Colleen smiles at her daughter.  "You have a couple of good friends right here, it looks like."  she encourages.  "And support is very important."  she looks at Susan, not replying that Addison already told her.  Keeping the girls privacy in the area.  It was for Daisy to say.

Fiona lets go and steps back, realizing there's still important talk to be had.

Daisy pats Fiona's arm as she moves away and then looks braver "I don't want you to call her, or child and family, but she kicked me out, at least for now. I'll try and call her in a few days. Sometimes she just panics.......please don't make it harder for her. My mom has issues but they're not her fault...."

Addison listens and marvels.  She would never defend her mother on any subject.

Susan listens.  "Well I won't call anyone if you don't want me to, but in good conscience I can't just let you leave without a place to stay..."  she begins.

Colleen places an arm on Susan's.  "She can stay with us for a little while."  she offers.  "Give her mom a little while to calm down and think about it."  she pauses.  "Do you have your phone, so your mom can call you?"  she can't imagine throwing her pregnant daughter out on the street, but then again, her daughter had come to her for birth control without even planning on having sex.  So she was blessed, the thought.

Daisy looks intensely at Susan and then exhales hugely as Colleen confirms what Fiona offered "Yeah I have a phone and my charger. I have one change of clothes even and I could use my gym clothes if I have to...And thank you."

Fiona holds up a hand "I can lend you clothes Daisy. You're a bit smaller than me but we can work that out."

Addison smiles a little.  Things seem to be working out some.

Susan nods at Colleen.  "Well then, that settles that."  she looks around, and then at Daisy.  "I can make an appointment for you to be examined and start a chart.  And I do have some things you can read about pregnancy.  Lets see where you are when your appointment times comes before we discuss anything else, alright?"

Colleen nods and smiles.  "It'll work out, Daisy.  Relax."  she tells her.  "I know it doesn't feel like it, but ... you have plenty of options."

Fiona stays quiet and is very glad they found Daisy today instead of anyone else either finding her or, worse, ignoring her.

Daisy looks gratefully at Fiona and nods and the answers Dr. McKinney "Ok." She smiles a little at Fiona's mom. It was weird that pregnant and messed up, she had more kindness in her life today than she had a month ago, dodging her mother's moods and men she brought home and trying too hard to hold onto Joey Piccolo. Maybe life did have more options.